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    Is there a SOC Meter with CAN communication for a fully built 48V Battery pack

    Well after some work here is the status BMS is from yybms (Chinese) based and support Bluetooth (BLE). It does work on request response mode. Found the request to get the SOC, Voltage, Temp, Current etc and also found the logic to decode the response. Using raspberryPi Zero W (1st version 10...
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    Power Relay 230v 50A

    Hi, I am using Studer Inverter with 9.8KWhr battery backup and grid connected as well. Lithium (LFP) battery BMS is bluetooth based and have developed using Raspberry PI Zero W which does the following 1. Continue to capture the bluetooth message (BLE) and parse 2. Display the data onto TFT...
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    Growatt SPH Series Inverter - Battery BMS protocol

    Hi Dutchcamper Does your battery BMS has bluetooth support or another means of sending the data (CAN even if the protocol is different) -- if so what BMS and if you send some details, can give some direction My Case -- Had third party developed Battery (Not myself) which incidentally used...
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    Web or Mobile app to monitor multiple battery at same time

    Hi, I have multiple batteries (@different locations). All of these provide BLE based blutetooh app but i would like to push the data to some central application and monitor from there. Is there any such portal application. Please do let me know if so. Plan was to use Arduino connect to BLE of...
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    Is there a SOC Meter with CAN communication for a fully built 48V Battery pack

    Hi, Planning to have GoodWe Hybrid Inverter and this requires approved battery pack (which is not available in India) or provide them with BMS integration. All the LFP packs we get in India are fully built with internal BMS and only +ve and -ve terminal exposed. So is there SOC Meter which i...
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    Connecting 4 48V battery pack in series to get 192v high voltage battery system

    Connecting 4 of 48V LFP batteries in series. Trying to install 5Kw 3phase hybrid solar system (3phase is mandated to connect to grid). All the 3 phase 5kw hybrid inverters operate on high voltage batteries 160v+. These are offered by Pylontech / BYD but are 3 times more than regular one...