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    Recommend Best Portable Solar Power Station

    No worries bud, happy to help. As @Ely mentioned Jackery are a good starting point. Work right out of the box. But do check out other reputable manufacturers too. All the best ;) Techman
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    Recommend Best Portable Solar Power Station

    Since you're looking for a potable power station with an approx. 1500Wh capacity, I would advise not to cut corners with cheaply made units with low quality components. If you want your power station to last a long time, purchase from a reputable brand with a track record of good products and...
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    Jackery 9th Anniversary Sale - 15% off products

    Jackery have a 15% off site-wide sale. Also avaialble on Amazon US. CA, UK, and DE. Good opportunity to save on Jackery portable power stations/solar panels. Offer available 18-20 October 2021. Techman
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    What's the DC connector on Jackery 500?

    If it helps, I've found an adapter (DC jack) that fits the 6.5 x 1`.4mm DC output port. If you have a set of laptop DC adapters usually included with portable laptop chargers it's the DC adapter marked 'A' on the side. Similar to the 'A' adapter in the set here. Here's my take on the Explorer...
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    Jackery E240 - SolarSaga 60 Vs 100 Vs Rich Solar 100w

    The E240 can take 12-30v at 3.5A max. I don't personally have an E240 but judging from my experience with my Explorer 500 and mate's Explorer 1000 they take in more amps at 22-24v range. A bit of a bummer when most 18v solar panels (including Jackery's own solar saga series) output between...
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    48vdc output from solar generator?

    Ever since purchasing an Omnicharge Omni20+ powerbank I've been suggesting this sort of feature to manufacturers such as Bluetti. EcoFlow, Jackery and Leoch amongst others. The response I get is 'We'll consider this in future products.' The Omni 20+ has a user-adjustable DC voltage DC 5.5x2.1mm...
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    Bluetti AC200P AC200 As Fridge Freezer Backup + UPS + Keeping it Topped Off

    Spot on and good answer. Yes, the internal LiFePo4 batteries may last 3000+ cycles (longer if cycled to 80-90% SOC) but it is arguably misleading when manufacturers promote 3000+ life cycles on the units themselves. I would like to see manufacturers offer a 3-year warranty on components and 5+...
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    max oak bluetti eb 150 , not charging

    EB150 specs suggest 16-60v DC input, hence no reason why it shouldn't work. Reverse polarity/MC4 to 8mm cable would be my first thought but with these ruled out it's frustrating MaxOak are not actively helping to resolve the issue at hand. Personally I had little support from PowerOak (Bluetti's...
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    Yep - Boost charge = absorbtion in EPEver charge controllers
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    AC200 Max & B230 Expansion Battery

    Weight comparison with the new AC200 Max somewhat gives it away, but they do state "No Battery Inside." Kinda expensive for just a modular hub unit.
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    Lots of random power station brands on amazon - are they "all the same"?

    You'll find you can purchase large quantity of products from some manufacturers on Alibaba with the option to rebrand it to whatever you like. In fact there are plenty of portable power stations (aka solar generators) on Amazon/webstores that are shipped in standard brown boxes with almost no...
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    Just got my EB150 and a couple of questions if I could

    I see no reason why car charging should be an issue. If it could cause damage, they should explain how. My personal experience with customer service of some of these manufacturers [including PowerOak (same as Bluetti)] is that sometimes they a) don't have a clue or b) do not fully understand...
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    Jackery efficiency

    I'm not sure if available in the US but another DC-DC option would be a Powertraveller Powergorilla. In a nutshell it is a multi-voltage powerbank, though I must admit a bit pricey. It can output @24v, supports daisy chain/pass-through charging and has a built-in MPPT charge controller for solar...
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    Just got my EB150 and a couple of questions if I could

    Greetings from a fellow UK member! Forgive me but I fail to understand what your question is? As for the DC-DC charging option and the car charger linked in your post, it clearly states 84W max output at 3.5A. Sure it will charge the EB150 but at snail's pace. Using the original power brick...
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    I have problems... 😭

    Good point @Ely. I'd recommend keeping one large power station. The smaller sub 300W power stations for great for portability and quick charge. Let's face it - say you're going out for a day or two with just a smartphone and a tablet like an iPad. Which one would you take with you? I'd...