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  • EG4 LifePower4 Batteries bad SOC issues

    Hello all! I have been working with signature Solar for months trying to get the SOC working on my 3 Lifepower4 batteries in the EG4 rack. I have the EG4 6000XP inverter and in voltage mode all works great! Goes down to 47V and up to 55V no problem. But we have been trying to get it to work...
  • EG4 3000 v2 back to battery 60% minimum

    Hey all - just got one of the new EG4 3000 v2 inverters (connected to EG4 LifePower 4 rack battery) and the lowest it will let me set it to use battery power for loads is 60%????? Thats CRAZY high! My old Growatt 3000 you could set it anywhere above the minimum utility power. Is there any way...
  • EG4 3000 monitoring with Home Assistant

    Is it possible to do even basic monitoring via Home Assistant of the EG4 3000? I see people buying Solar Assistant and then monitoring that but can you not do basic monitoring of it via MQTT or some such directly in home assistant?
  • Epever XTRA4415N MPPT Solar Charge Controller to EG4 48v 100Ah Lifepo4 Server Rack Battery and also DC Load to EcoFlow Delta Max

    Hello! My current system is an Ecoflow Delta Max 2000 connected to (4) SolarEver 410W Panels in a 2S2P config - ea panel is 38.1 VOC, 13 amp so each serial pair is around 75VDC then both strings connected in parallel to the Ecoflow - works like a champ! This first system was a test since I have...