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    Homemade regen braking to charge solar house batteries....

    Hey what's up guys I came up with this crazy idea the other day. So my rig is a 2001 e450 shuttle bus with the 7.3 powerstroke. I bought it for $2,700 a couple years ago and it has been the best purchase I ever made. I lucked out and it came with a electromagnetic drive shaft break called a...
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    Tapping power from a free EV charging station for charging lifePo4 batteries.

    Man that is crazy complicated all of the different ways it uses to communicate. It's surprising that any of that stuff's reliable considering it runs on Resistance values. So say I wanted to make my own 12 volt DIY electric vehicle, I wonder what I could use to how charge it via the SAE J17722?
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    Tapping power from a free EV charging station for charging lifePo4 batteries.

    Hey everyone I noticed there are lots of free EV charging stations that are usually empty at night. I was wondering if I could tap power from one of these stations and have it charge my RV house batteries? 240V 30A would be so nice on cloudy days because my 1260w array on the roof is just not...
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    SBMS0 turned my brain to mush

    I know I dont want to keep emailing him but when I change exio ports from type 1 to type 2 nothing changes on my meter. No continuity regardless. Then also the output shunt reads 300 amps regardless of what values I set it to and the solar input shunt doesn't say anything is happening. I do not...
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    SBMS0 turned my brain to mush

    All right yall so I've been trying to get this hooked up for months now and I feel like it's making me second guess I understanding of everything electronics. My current setup is a 4s1p 280ah pack 3000w inverter 1260w Newpowa solar and a 250A Daly BMS. I've literally tried so many things that...
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    Shunt heating up

    I was going suggest a bad wire crimp or bad connection. Wise electrician once said "loose wires start fires!"