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    DC/DC Renogy Trailer Install

    I've not ran the bank below about 40%, but it would be a good test to get it down to say, 5 or 10%, hook it up, start the truck, and see how much power it draws at such a low state of charge
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    DC/DC Renogy Trailer Install

    Wow. What a thread this turned out to be! Lots of info to chew on. I took the liberty of unhooking the housing from behind my '18 Ram 7pin and discovered that the main 12V + and Neg wires are 10g, (black and white wires) the rest appear to be 12 and 14. I purchased this 7pin connector w box, and...
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    Tow Vehicle Charging while in route

    I wonder if this is actually the case? Is the 12V charge line from the TV 7pin to the TT indeed being monitored by the TV? IF the TT battery is quite low, and the TV battery is full, does the TV actually see both batteries as 1? In which case, yea, it'll assume the TV battery still needs...
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    Charging lithium via 7 pin wiring harness

    Following your thread. Just curious if you've encountered any issues with your setup so far? Mine is similar, however, I'm just tapping into the 7pin 12V wires to charge my milkcrate LFP that sits in the bed of my truck, while driving to a boondocking campsite. The BMS shows only about 88W going...
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    Looking for quiet 12v inverter

    Lots of good selections there. (I love my home Sunbeam king-sized heated mattress pad) but all are AC blankets. Didn't see a DC one? And to the OP.. I just metered my sunbeam on startup on drew 175W/1.5A. If it were me, trying to sleep, inside a rig, without an annoying fan,, I'd think...
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    Looking for quiet 12v inverter

    Same here. They don't seem to have good reviews. Mostly, I think they are not well protected. No heat settings, like hi, lo, just on and off,, and a few reviews showed them melting the fabric, or in one case burned it, so that tells me there's no overheat protections built in like the AC ones...
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    OKS 8s bms/xioxiang question

    I've never given much thought to these particular "function settings" section, but I've recently installed a heltec active balancer, and disabled the bms balance function to monitor and evaluate. But what exactly are these first 2/4 items? 1. Switch function?? 2. Load check?? 3. Balance...
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    I maybe the dumbest person I know

    Agreed. Personally, I learn much more from a failure. I'm constantly testing and experimenting w various settings, setups..etc.. I'm a "I wonder what would happen if I..." kinda
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    I maybe the dumbest person I know

    These are the questions I'm curious about. A few seconds of reversed wiring, and poof!! A fried the ps..I get that. And a new ps is attached (unknown settings) and no measurable progress after 4 days? Is that 96 hrs continuous? Lots of unknowns here. I guess I just wondered if cells can be...
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    I maybe the dumbest person I know

    A few comments and questions I'd like to inquire about op's situation, and get everyone's opinion: 1. $425 for 4 new 280Ah cells? That's a good price! 2. Would a few seconds of a benchtop ps attached in reverse really kill 4 new 280Ah cells? I'm guessing you set it to 3.6+/- V and how many Amps...
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    Santan 250W panels in Vegas NV

    Ok, well I have 16 in my garage. I may still need 4 or 6 for my project, but I think I'm safe to sell the other 10, unless you're looking for a palate or 2! Or going with a different array.. Either way, let me know.
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    Santan 250W panels in Vegas NV

    I do, yes. How many do you think you need?
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    is this a good BMS,, it has some additional part and not sure what is needed?

    Great call on this one! Keeping spares in a Faraday can! Safe redundancy.👍
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    Heltec 8S

    Haha!! Don't doddle! Just shove it in, and pay no mind to the spark! I was afraid that was going to be the answer! My luck, my phone will probably ring right when I plug it in, and send me right off my chair! True story, that happened to me last week, seconds before hooking up the inverter on my...