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    280ah cells for $21 Grade C

    thanks for the info!
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    280ah cells for $21 Grade C

    who is Amy working for these days? My old messages from her switched over to some other lady at xuba
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    1120ah Bank Build for 12V... Opinions Wanted Please

    Yes! Best thing ever made! you can basically make darn near anything you can make in an oven or grill. Pizza, steak, fries, tater tots, cookies, cinnamon rolls...
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    1120ah Bank Build for 12V... Opinions Wanted Please

    I run my ice fishing trailer off of a 560ah battery i built (4s2p). It works great! I've been able to boondock for a week without charging at all. that's running my 2kw diesel heater in sub freezing temps. I also have a 2000 watt inverter and do all my cooking on a pizza oven. Also run my tv and...
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    sent it to you.

    sent it to you.
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    Inverter-charger or Inverter+charger? Honda Odyssey with 560ah 12v lifepo

    I have kind of a simular need in one of my small trailers. I decided not to go with an inverter charger because I've been burned in the past with all in one type devices. Plus with my batteries I want to choose when they get charged or not. So I have my charger on a switched outlet that I can...
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    How to position different IR cells in the battery

    I've wondered the same thing but got no answer for you other than I think I would side with your friend on putting lower resistance cells inside the pack.
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    Installing 3 12volts 310Ah (930Ah total) battery banks on a RV

    I have two 280ah 12v packs paralleled in my trailer. I run a seperate 4s 120amp BMS for each pack. I run a 2000 watt inverter from it. It works great for me. IMO the only other way to get around using only 1 BMS is to have one that controls a large contactor. The Eve 280ah cells fit nicely into...
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    Will my RC battery charger work for top balance?

    you have a Life setting on that charger--- use it! put your pack together and charge with your 12v charger, then pull it apart and top charge each cell with your rc charger. I do it all the time. or you can put the pack in parallel and top charge all together.
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    16 cell 12v battery. What is the best configuration?

    Got them all packed up an top charged, waiting on crimp terminals
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    Group Build - 12v Battery Module (EVE 280AH)

    Here's the problem with your idea. not everyone has a 3d printer to print something like this especially for a 280ah cell. Second the performance of PLA isn't up for the task. 3rd an injected molded part is going to be costly just because of the mold needed $20-30,000. Forth the cell variation...
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    Best 2000 watt pure sign wave inverter under $400

    I got the Samlex SSW-2000-12a It performs well and handles my 1500watt load just fine, the only complaint is the fans are loud. I do reccomend buying from if you are in the US. I got their fuse holder, fuse and their 1/0 cables and their stuff is very nice quality and...
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    Temperature control of LiFePO4 battery banks?

    I currently have a 12v 560ah battery setup in my trailer, just spend 5 days running off of it and I'm very pleased with the performance of these cells. when I looked at the cells they remained sub 0.01v for cell balance even while pulling 60+ amps. My avg temp was around 55*F, I also let my...
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    Temperature control of LiFePO4 battery banks?

    It’s not very difficult to get some 12v heating pads and a temp controller. If you are really worried about it.
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    16 cell 12v battery. What is the best configuration?

    Thanks for the input. I have a resistance tester but I find it’s not very repeatable so (it does read SOC good) I think the best way for me to match is do some test cycles of them and match that way.