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    200W on the roof, sunny, 12:00 PM, only showing 1-2W

    The charge controller will reduce solar output when the battery is charged, im assuming you have lead acid as Lifepo4 would show 14.2 and "State" shows Float, When charging it will show "Bulk"
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    ANTI post. I am not selling anything. I want to prevent the big tech hoging my concept

    A Poor man's patent may help but I'm no legal expert. Basically you detail everything about your idea, when you came up with the idea, how it works, what it does, what makes it unique and even who you've told. Pop it in an envelope then send it by recoded delivery mail addressed to yourself...
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    Adding a 4th Renogy 100ah smart battery later down the track in parrallel, do they have to all be new?

    This from renogy website - DO NOT string the battery in series. It is made ONLY for 12V parallel connections using the batteries of the same manufacturer and model. Please avoid too high a voltage difference between paralleled batteries, despite the auto-balancing function, to avoid triggering...
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    Renogy MPPT Solar Charger Connection Sequence.

    It seems illogical that a solar charge controller should fry itself if PV is connected before DC, clearly is this not a design flaw in all controllers? They should be designed to deal with DC & PV regardless of connection / disconnection sequence.
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    Lead Acid vs LiFePO4

    End of the day its all about preferences and situations. Some cant see past lead acid as it's probably all they are used too & know. Ignorance is bliss they say ;)
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    LiFePO4 Battery with an On/Off Switch and More?

    Think it only has over temp but specs say -20 operating. pouch cells are fairly common, newer cells are cased as pouch cells were easily damaged in transit. same chemistry. The eco worthy brand use 4 cells but cost a lot more too. You really do get what you pay for in most cases. I also saw a...
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    LiFePO4 Battery with an On/Off Switch and More?

    Thanks for that, he made me laugh for sure!
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    Help Please

    Have you looked at portable power sytems? There's a lot out there and they may suit your needs better. some examples and there are complete systems with Solar panel etc
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    Be careful

    What a scary experience that must have been, glad everyone was ok. Any chance a rodent got to them?
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    How is this Possible?

    Thank you for your clarification. As a relatively newbie I bought my bms and batteries based on my expectations of loads etc which would never exceed 30 amps. I now know more today than I did yesterday. Thanks
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    How is this Possible?

    I fully understand this but the point is we all think the bms will protect the battery and our systems when in reality it comes down to Fuses and common sense. In normal circumstances we would never ask more from a system than it can safely deliver but im thinking what if's here.
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    How is this Possible?

    It's not my normal use, I was curious as I bought my bms Based on its amps rating like everyone does I guess, just didn't think it would allow me to draw so many amps.
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    How is this Possible?

    I used one battery for each test, they all allowed the inverter to draw 249 dc amps. This is why I'm confused as logic says they shouldn't let this happen. I'm going to repeat with a 150A bms out of sheer curiosity
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    How is this Possible?

    Yes I'm in Europe and the point I'm making is that a bms has no say over how many amps are going through it when it's being discharged. It will cut off in an over charge current scenario and will also cut off when a low voltage is detected on a cell. It will balance the cells but it won't stop...