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diy solar

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  • heat shrink charts ?

    does anybody know if there is a chart for what size heat shrink you need for different size cables?. I know different makes shrink at different rates, I will be using 2/0 and 4/0 cable.
  • Mc4 connectors and lv6548

    I never liked those connectors so I made up some plates to hold conduit connectors.
  • Wire ways and wiring?

    I just wanted to know before I start wiring my project if I should be using grounding bushings and where. Any information or advice would be helpful. I have a. Lot of conduit stubs and a few chase nipples, the bottom race way is for the batt cables one junction box is for abb breaker and the...
  • growatt auto transformer

    I have a new growatt auto transformer for sale , just sold the inverters so it is no longer needed 250.00 plus shipping I am located in massachusetts zip code 02771. this is the first edition with the hinged door.
  • SP 6548 inverters and mounting advise?

    I have 2 of the above units that I will be mounting in my basement, problem is I have 80 inches to bottom of floor joist. they recommend 50cm or 20 inches of clearance on the top, if i do this the bottom of the inverter that is a total of 21 inches high would be around waist level?. It would...
  • pv wire

    1) Where is the best place to buy pv wire?. 2) what companies should you avoid .? 3) is the silicone insulated cable any good.?
  • mpp lv6548 question

    I was wondering if any one knows if the pv input wires are soldered to the circuit board, or if they use terminal connectors like the eg4 6500 ex.
  • looking for opinions

    I wanted to see opinions on running one growatt 12kw vs running 2 mpp lv6548 inverters?. I originally wanted to purchase the growatt but the weight of the unit put me off, I wanted to use either unit as a ups and to charge batterys with grid until I set up ground mount solar panels.
  • Wire way question

    I purchased a Hoffman 6x6x72” wire way but the one they sent has tabs and screws,instead of just the screws. Does it matter on the orientation is it ok to have the tabs on the bottom?
  • pv wire and ferrule question

    I was just looking for opinions on using temco 10 awg pv wire it is stranded but course,should you use a crimp ferrule going in to the dc breaker pros and cons.
  • battery terminal end question

    I am drilling out my wire way and ran into a problem. I have temco 2/0 terminal end with 5/16 hole for the stud in the inverter, they dont fit through the 3/4 conduit connector so I went to 1 inch conduit connectors. the problem is the 1 inch connector will be to close to the edge to install...
  • eg 48 volt18 amp battery charger

    Does any one have any experience with this charger?. I bought this charger a while ago but never used it , when I plug it in it just flashes green 3x in a row. The manual states abnormal machine , and the fan does not come on. Any info would be helpful.
  • 48 volt battery chargers ?.

    Who makes the better battery charger Aims or Signature Solar , I ordered 2 sok batteries so just looking for advise.
  • current connected 5 slot battery rack question

    has any one installed casters on the current connected battery rack for the sok batterys?,if so what did you use. I am not sure if it is a good idea due to its small foot print.
  • For sale new parts that were not used

    I have some new parts that I did not use. I would like sell as a package deal 250.00 plus shipping I am in zip code 02771 1) ht 5 circuit breaker boxes (2) cost new 14.00 ea 2) qilipsu 6 way boxes 23.00 ea new 3) current connected bus bars 3/8 studs red and black cost new pair 40.00 4) sig...
  • SOK Battery question?

    Does any one know what bolt size and thread pitch the sok server rack battery use ?.
  • [SOLD] For sale 2 Growatt auto transformers

    I have 2 Growatt auto transformers for sale one has the hinged door and the other is the later model with the removable lower cover. both are new never used in original boxes, I will take 125.oo each plus shipping I am located in Massachusetts zip code 02771.
  • lv 6548-sp 6548 pv connection question?

    has any one removed the mc4 connectors and installed conduit to run the pv wires to a dissconnect?, I noticed they just use female flag connectors that are connected to the circuit board. I am not sure if the steel panel is large enough for a 1/2 inch conduit connector.
  • lv6548 and mounting hardware?

    I built a 8 foot wall in my basement using 3/8 plywood and 1/4 hardi backer board,what should I use for mounting hardware?. I am not sure what will support the weight of the inverters,any sugestions would be appreciated.

diy solar

diy solar