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    Need help Figuring this FIRE out!

    pack burns because no BMS, The OP insist to talk about carboard and what not.
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    Why not to use Daly BMS with MPPT controllers

    this looks more like a "why you should use a fuse"
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    Dud liitokala "A grade new" cells?

    the fact that you top balance them doesnt make them perfect. do a capacity test
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    SOFAR HYD - Can you diy battery?

    anyone thought of pairing a small compatible 16s Lifepo4 battery, and then parallelling that battery to a massive DIY one?
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    Dud liitokala "A grade new" cells?

    only bought a set of litokala. All shit, some arrived at like 2.0v, swollen, missmatched, used. Also had marker numbers on it like 1 3 3 4. as if they were part of some mismatched packs that were taken apart.
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    400a daly bms not turning on

    all my daly's so far i just touch P- on B- and it wakes up.
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    Should electric cars tow a trailer

    no. the balance between extra drag vs production you'd find you'd need to keep the car parked in the sun for a full month to compensate for 30-60min of driving.
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    16s6p 48v lifepo4 battery configuration

    i would also worry with the bottom cells being crushed under the weight
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    Correct way to build a 12v 560ah Lifep04 battery bank?

    single 4s2p battery with 1 bms.
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    Why not 2 BMS on 1 battery?

    problem with parallel BMS,s is that if one stops before the other, the other will take double the current after the 1st shuts down.
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    All-in-one inverter problems

    depending on which spec is, many hybrid inverters don't support working without battery. so you shouldnt plug AC to it without a battery first.
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    Off grid Hybrid inverter "AC in" live when unplugged

    There's no solar panels plugged to it. When there's only batteries and the inverter is on. The "ac in" has voltage between the ground and the +/-
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    My first diy solar water heater

    I'm in the UK. If its too sunny (quite rare anyway) I can just take off my black table cover off the hottub/insulation off it and reduce its effectiveness. I'm actually considering building filtration into my loop as that's the only circulation going around,
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    My first diy solar water heater

    Yes. Although there are also thermostats that have 2 sensors and allow you to do that in 1. However I don't want to stop the system if the water is too hot, as these boxes are all black and sealed, if the water stops flowing, the pipes would probably melt.
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    My first diy solar water heater

    Quick update. this system has actually been working "TOO WELL". water been consistently going over 40C (104F) during the day in the last sunny days. Might reverse the thermostat to actually STOP when incoming water temperature is bigger than X, instead of what is at the moment (Start when...