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Aili Battery Monitor Manual 2020-05-25

The manual sheet included with the Aili Battery Monitor

Click on the orange1638475310819.png button in the upper right of this screen to get the manual

Brief Description of how the Aili battery monitor works.
The Aili Battery monitor does its magic by measuring the Battery voltage and the Voltage across the Shunt.

The shunt is a known resistance so by measuring the voltage across the shunt, it can calculate the current. This gives it the ability to display the Amps and by integrating the amps in/out over time, it can determine amp-hours in/out.

It can also multiply the current by the battery voltage to get Watts and by integrating the Watts over time it is able to determine Watt-hours in/out.

Since you are able to program the Amp-hour of the battery and it can measure the Amp-hours in/out it is able to determine the state of charge of the battery.
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This was very important as they did not send any instructions like this with it. Thanks FilterGuy!
thank you for scanning this manual. i rotated the pages after downloading. very valuable resource for community.