Beginner's Guide to ElectroDacus

Beginner's Guide to ElectroDacus 0.5

The ElectroDacus system takes care of solar charging, lithium battery monitoring, and optionally, diverting excess solar power for other uses. Its modular components can function as a BMS, a charge controller, and a thermal controller. It was designed for DIY systems, and is highly customizable — which definitely gives it a learning curve, but a very worthwhile one.

This guide covers the core ElectroDacus components, and everything else that connects with them to build out a complete system.
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This was fantastic! Super helpful. The 24V diagram at the end is basically exactly what I'm doing, but throwing in direct support for 24V appliances and not connecting to van alternator. I think you may have left out the PV BMS cables on the 24V diagram? Otherwise fantastic, thank you for producing this!
Thanks for the great feedback. The sample circuit diagrams are from FilterGuy's I/O Summary: I'm not sure which PV BMS cables you're referring to that are missing, the PV is controlled by EXTIO6 in that diagram. Can you message me with more specifics?
Great work Oberon and Team. I think "Beginners" is misleading. Everyone should read this as the 'explanatory' note to lots of stuff not really covered well in the Manual.
I cant count the no of times I've messed up defaults for IO3/4 Type1/2 .. Loads/Charging !
Thanks very much, Peter! Yes the IO3 & IO4 being set as Type 2 and Type 1 is definitely confusing!
Great resource, prompted the immediate order of a SMBS0 wifi etc from Dacian. I've admired the design and concept for years, your document gives me the information required for many different implementations - thanks.
Awesome, I'm happy to hear that it helped you out!
WOW! Simple and well written.
Thanks JC, I appreciate the review!
I had been looking at Dacian's creations for the last 2 years. Didn't understand much. Now, after reading your paper, I see the light. Thank you v e r y much.
Thanks R -- great to hear it was helpful!