Beginners Summary of BMS Functions, Types and Features

Beginners Summary of BMS Functions, Types and Features 2021-02-10

This is a beginner's summary of the common types, functions and features of BMSs. The descriptions do not attempt to list all information of all BMSs, but it is intended to give you a base understanding of BMSs

The document is in 6 sections:
1. Do I need a BMS?
2. Typical BMS functions
3. Types of BMSs
4. Common BMS Features.
5. Communicating between devices (advanced)
6. System voltages for Cells, Loads, chargers and BMS

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Reviews, corrections, additions, clarifications and comments are always welcome.

Note: This resource is a duplicate of the resource of the same name in the 'Beginners Resources'. This resource is linked to the same download file.

  1. Released new version with correction on ratings for FET based BMSs.
  2. Released new version with clarifying comments about cell configurations.
  3. Added sections covering Functions, Features, and Device Communication.
  4. Corrected errors on sample external control diagram.
  5. Based on reader feedback, Reorganized the sections and added clarifying content in some sections.
  6. Added section on relative voltage settings on chargers, loads and BMSs
  7. Updates for clarity (based on user feedback)
  8. Added an apendex that achnowladges the BMS-As-Primary-Controller point of view.
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Extremely helpful guide, I've already come back and referenced it several times -- thanks!