Cell Configurations for 12V 24V and 48V LiFePo4 Batteries

Cell Configurations for 12V 24V and 48V LiFePo4 Batteries 2021-10-30

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That is strange. I just downloaded it and opened it with Adobe reader. Sorry you are having problems.
Awesome document FilterGuy. Clearly much time and effort invested in education and facilitation of the DIY community. Many thanks.
Thank you for sharing valuable information, Is it possible to parallel a 2p16s with 1p16s?
and if one of the group of different Ah capacity

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excellent resource
Hard to properly express my gratitude for making this information available and understandable. Thank you and Respect!
Thank you very much for the help, brought my 1st 4p16s online this week.
Great information and explanation. Thanks for getting this information out to folks like me.
Very well done and an excellent tutorial for those getting started!
Really Loving these. Having the alt 8 cell layout is gonna help me cram these cells into my van.
Finally what I was looking for
Great info & you got an awesome from Will.
Excellent; been confused about 4s2p vs 2p4s for a while now!
This is awesome! I've been searching for a way to configure my bank without it becoming a 40 inch long string.
One question, can I take your squarish shape 2p8s configuration, make it a 3p8s configuration and wire it up the same way???
Thanks for taking the time and providing this great resource!
Yes, you can make a 3P8s. I am not exactly sure which layout you are referring to in the deck, but any of the 2PxS layouts can be extended by adding a 3rd cell to each of the 2p Parallel cell groupings.

Please take a look at the page that talks about bus bars.... As you get larger parallel groupings, you need to pay attention to minimizing the voltage drops across the bus bars.
Very helpful. I'm pretty new to this and am confused by the top of page 5, the 24V page. It says 4S2P but to me it looks like it should be 8S2P but I could be totally missing something. Thank you for helping me earn.
Good Catch!! Thank you. That is a typo that has been there a long time...... I just fixed it.
Huge thanks on this. One quick question... For 32 of 2V 280 ah batteries, is it better to have 2S 16P - or - 2S 28P (hope I got that right) Thank you, Jerome in Idaho
Finally! It's hard to find an explanation of, for example, 2P4S vs 4S2P cell configurations. Thanks!
I asked a question and 5 minutes later I had a answer. Thank you filter guy
Great info for newbie like me. I did no know there is a difference in setting up the BMS according to configuration. Thank you.
Thank you, very helpful
Great information, still learning 🤠 so (16) 100AH in 2P8S is just 200AH?
(16) 100AH in 2P8S is just 200AH?

Yes, but it is 24Vx200Ah= 4800Wh capacity.