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Daly 4S Smart BMS firmware for BT or LCD support 2021-01-21

If you have a Daly Smart BMS 4S that supports Bluetooth via the UART port or LCD via the UART port, you cannot use LCD and Bluetooth at the same time.

The Smart BMS requires special firmware for Bluetooth support and special firmware for touch LCD support.

You can use the Sinowealth PC software and a USB cable for your Smart BMS, to switch between these two firmware versions.

I got the files first from a forum member and then also from Daly support. The firmware from Daly support for Bluetooth is newer than the one from the forum member. Thanks again for sending them to me!

I have successfully tested both firmware versions with my Daly Smart BMS 4S UART 250A.

Note: This firmware is only for 4S Smart BMS using either the SH39F003 or SH39F004 chipset. And only for use with Sinowealth PC software.

Urgent: Firmware upgrade is at your own risk! I take no responsibility!

Here are some pictures of my Smart BMS (Deligreen is 100% identical to Daly, Daly support confirmed it).

Btw, if you short the 2-PIN connector with the blue arrow in the picture for about 1sec, you can wake up the Bluetooth or Touch LCD from sleep without either charging or discharging the battery. The connector is also known as the "key" connector in other versions of Daly Smart BMS.
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It looks like I had a newer version on my 4S BMS and accidently downgraded that with given file. Now, the temp. sensor constantly shows 24C....
worked for my SH39F003 4S BMS. Thanks a lot for sharing
It worked with my 12volt 4s 100amp model
Excellent and very timely!
FYI, the "key" or reset connector can be easily used, I've tried this switch:
And this for a connector:

I only ordered these in particular because they were cheap and next day delivery for me, I'm sure given the examples others can find and order even cheaper.
Just updated the bluetooth firmware on my 250A Smart Daly SH39F003. It works perfect. Thanks for sharing.