Daly SMART BMS Manual and documentation

Daly SMART BMS Manual and documentation 3

Thanks for the sharing, I tried the CAN format using CANTest software but didn't receive any data from the BMS. Using CANTest I typed the can ID as 0x18100180 (extended), and the data to 0x90. Could you tell me what was wrong?
This is great to find, but I'm at a more basic level. I've bough 48 3.2v LifePo4 batteries to connect 16s3p to give me a 600AH x 48VDC nominal battery bank to drive a BLDC motor on my 30' sailboat instead of the original diesel engine. The batteries will be arriving with a single Daly fan assisted smart BMS, but what I'm still struggling to find out is how to actually connect the BMS to the batteries. Any pointer to documentation or info on this would be really useful and appreciated
great to see information being combined... thanks!