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EG4 6500 Firmware Changelog

This is a combination of the official change log from EG4 as well as some additional notes regarding forum posts. Please let me know if you have any additions or changes to be made.

U1 - EG4 DSP
  • 79.02
    • 2022.05.04
    • factory firmware
  • 79.03
  • 79.60
    • 2022.12.23
    • Solve the following abnormal behavior. When change setting via LCD may cause the setting no change.
    • Improvement the EEPROM save timing to avoid all setting back to default value.
  • 79.61
  • 79.62
    • 2023.02.11
    • New request for the input N and output N short always.
    • This firmware disables the neutral-ground bond created by the screw in the inverter while it is active.
  • 79.63
    • 2023.02.13
    • Modify SBU behavior when inverter work in Line mode. PV and AC should charge battery first
    • There seemed to have an issue where certain settings wouldn't update after "saved"
  • 79.64
    • 2023.03.03
    • Optimization MPPT tracker when PV power low for PV voltage stuck on 90V issue.
  • 79.65
    • 2023.03.15
    • 1. Add command TPVLL xxxx and TQPVLL to adjust MPPT low voltage point
  • 79.66
  • 79.67
    • 2023.04.11
    • Improvement Bus over(F08) detection
    • Improvement EEPROM read behavior when power on
    • The EEPROM fault show on data-log that warning just a message, it doesn’t impact to operation or behavior of the 6.5KW unit. The firmware version remove this message.
  • 79.70
    • 2023.05.05
    • Improved F11 detection
    • Improved EEprom broken issue, confirm that the setting option can be saved after inverter shut down and restore.
    • Improved the issue that when inverters are in parallel, put heavy loads instantly will make inverter shows F08/F60.
  • 79.71
    • 2023.06.11
    • Add N-G relay control function. The setting 42 to disable, the relay will short input and output neutral always as following “C” block. The setting 42 is disable, the relay will close on ground or floating side when inverter work in Battery mode as following “A and B” block. The default setting is disable.
U2 - EG4 Panel MCU
  • 60.00
    • 2022.03.29
    • factory firmware
  • 60.01
    • 2022.04.25
    • When the data returned from the BMS contains 0x0d, the communication between inverter and BMS will fail. Solve the problem
  • 61.02
    • 2022.05.23
    • When the inverter sends the data to BMS, it also disables receive function 5ms. And then enable receive function to parsing the data from BMS after 5ms. If the BMS feedback data to fast (within 5ms). It may cause communication fail. Modify the firmware to reduce the time to 1ms for disable receive function.
  • 61.04
    • 2022.08.18
    • Add debug command to check 61 communication failures. (CRC failure count, CRC high byte value and receive data from BMS).
  • 61.05
    • 2022.08.23
    • Modify the BMS data CRC calculation position to avoid the BMS data not being parsed when the high byte of the BMS data is 0 base on version 61.03.
  • 61.06
    • 2022.09.01
    • correct error 61
    • Solve Battery type of Prog05 is EG4 as default when cycle power.
  • 61.07
    • 2022.12.27
    • Solve time and date setting failure problem.
  • 61.08
    • 2023.01.17
    • Modify the inverter only ban charging or discharging of the battery when the BMS has an error instead of a warning.
  • 61.09
    • 2023.02.02
    • The inverter ban discharging and display F71 when the BMS has a ban discharging error.
    • The inverter the behavior without change and display warning 71 when the BMS has a ban discharging warning.
  • 61.10
    • 2023.02.08
    • The inverter ban discharging/ charging/ charging and discharging and display F71/ F69/ F60 when the BMS has a ban discharging/ ban charging/ ban charging and discharging error.
    • The inverter the behavior without change and display warning 71/ 69/ 60 when the BMS has a ban discharging/ charging/ charging and discharging warning.
  • 61.11
    • 2023.02.08
    • The inverter ban charging and no display F69 when the BMS has a ban charging error.
  • 61.12
    • 2023.02.10
    • Modify setting items 12/13/29, 51~55 settings are not saved.
  • 61.13
    • Add setting items 42 for N-G relay control.
    • Cancel setting 92

If you see a version I'm missing, let me know.

NOTE: If you are currently using the bond in the inverter and you upgrade to any firmware after 79.62, you will need to either bond your AC input panel or AC output panel, as you will no longer have the bond available.
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Just watched your video for updating the firmware. I was surprised EG4 didnt have the new firmware update guide. But I figured maybe it was because the video was 2 months old. I just went to their website and saw they still have the old firmware update guide up!!! Here is a link to a post where SS-Ben posted the new update guide. You should add this link to the main text of this resource.

I passed my electrical inspection so Im finally ready to update my firmware. Also the latest version will fix my one inverter that gets its PV voltage stuck around 90v.

Thanks again for this document and your video on updating!
change logs are good stuff