Electrodacus SBMS0 I/O Summary Chart

Electrodacus SBMS0 I/O Summary Chart 2021-08-10

This document summarizes the pin-out and functions of the Electrodacus SBMS0 I/O pins as well as other useful info on wiring up the device. Some of the information I could not find in the manual and had to contact Dacian to figure out.

Click on the orange 'download' button for the document

The chart below is in the download. However, the download contains a lot of other information as well.


As with any resource I develop, reviews, corrections and suggestions are welcome.


  • Updated descriptions of the Ext I/O types.
  • Added better description of ADC2 and ADC3
  • Added info about the 'left side' connector and the green connector on the WiFi/USB adapter board.
  • Added comments about shunt placement in relation to fuse
  • Added sample designs.
  • Corrected PV shunt position in sample design2
  • Added information and diagram for how to wire the shunts.
  • Added information on ways to wire the ExtIO pins to devices.
  • Updated information about the part # of the EXTio output drivers.
  • Corrected & updated sample designs
  • Added sample design using DSSR20s
  • 3/13/21 - Updated Ribbon cable function chart.
  • 3/15/21 - Corrected pin number in note 5 of 16pin Green Connector Chart.
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