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General LiFePO4 (LFP) Voltage to SOC charts/tables 12/24/48V 2021-01-18

this is nice information, but I've also been reading that relying on voltage to determine SoC is unreliable. Thoughts?
Essential numbers to have for a newbie like me, this is grand!!
Missing in the chart is one thing: at highest and lowest SOC (and all other columns) are values highlighted in pink. The pink is never defined. I suspect it denotes levels that might be harmful to the cells, but I don't like guessing.
Awesome, thank you. Any chance you could provide a copy of the excel file too ?
and for others "download the image" refers to the orange download link on the top right of this thread and not the web browser right click image options.
HUGE thanks for this! Printed and next to my batteries! J
This is brilliant, I'm scoping out my solar requirements for my RV and this has instantly answered a question I had. Thank you.
nice work who ever done it, easy to read
I spent hours trying to find a chart such as yours. I'm grateful. Thank you for providing it.
Excellent resource. Helps me get my head around this stuff.
Great resource. I've been deep diving LiFePO4 for months now and my head is spinning still on the issue of Voltage/SoC.
As I understand it there are 'charging' curves, 'discharging' curves and 'at rest curves'. Are there significant differences ?
It would be great if you can include or add the XLS that is generating the graph with all the data. I did click download but the image is actually low resolution at 720x543
I replaced the image download with a hi rez pdf. I didn't realize that the image download got squooshed.
I'm wondering if the SOC should really be attributed to Ah capacity or were these charts/table created using Ah capacity with voltage measurements? If so, does Ah capacity of the cell matter for the SOC compared to voltage? Do we only care about cell voltage to figure the SOC?
AH depends on the specific cells being used. Cell Voltage & combined battery pack voltage determines SOC for Lithium Based cells.
This chart really helped me understand how little capacity there is beyond 3.4 volts per cell.