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Repairing an aluminum terminal on a LiFePO4 cell

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That was cool as heck. I have a tap and die set but have never used it. My Lishen 270 amp cells came with M6 and I was debating drilling and tapping to replace with M8. Not sure if I'll do it but now I wouldn't be too scared to try!
Thanks! Well done. I imagine one could take a sharpie or drop of paint and color the bottom of the hole like the loctite was in your cell. That way you can see if you need to drill more or stop.
Nice job cinergi. Your helicoil looked like it only has about 4 threads.
When I was testing with mine I couldn't get more than 4 helicoil threads in there without drilling deeper. It is better than original.
Good info, hope I never need it.
Well timed & thought out, nice & simple instructions on how to rethread cells. This may also be applicable to those people who have received those Lishen Cells with crooked holes but I fear that may require going up in size from 6mm to 8mm. So from 1/4" to 5/16".