Simple, Indipendent Battery Box Heater

Simple, Indipendent Battery Box Heater 2020-11-21

This is a simple 20W battery Box heater that operates independently of the rest of your system.
I use this for storing unused cells in a very cold climate, but it can be used with active systems as well.

This design operates completely separately from the rest of the system. Consequently, it does not risk draining your battery and can work with any system you have. In a well insulated storage box, this will be sufficient to keep the cells warm in all but the coldest climates.

For storing cells, I use a thermostat that turns on at 35F and off at 45 F
For an active system with charging cells, use a 40F to 60F thermostat. (Less likely to get too cool at night)

Note: make sure the solar Panel is tilted in order to ensure snow and ice will slide off.

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The image below is the same as the download, but the links are active in the download.

Reviews, comments, corrections and suggestions are welcome.

Edit: Formatted, Added additional comments and added link to alternate thermostat.
Edit: Added clarification that I cut the plug off the cord attached to the heating pad.
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If I didn't live in Phoenix, this would be more interesting to me. It certainly seems effective and simple, just what is needed.
nice and simple