Victron two signal BMS assistant for Multiplus and Quatro inverter/chargers.

Victron two signal BMS assistant for Multiplus and Quatro inverter/chargers. 2020-06-08

This document shows how to configure a Victron Multiplus or Victron Quatro inverter to use external signals to turn charge and discharge on/off separately. This is very useful when using a Chargery or other BMS that has control signals for charge and discharge. The assistant can be used to build something like this:


Note: I use opto isolated SSRs for the relays.

Hooking up to the electrodaucus is even easier.

Edit: I added information on a possible workaround for the MultiPlus Compact.

Warning: The Victron MultiPlus Compact is not the same as the Victron MultiPlus. The MultiPlus Compact does not have the auxiliary input so this will only turn on/off the Discharge or the Charge, but not both. However, there is a possible workaround using the Assistant for controlling the charger and the remote I/O pins for controlling the inverter load:


To make this work the Two-signal BMS assistant should be configured like this:

1) I have not set this up and fully tested it.
2) With this set-up you can not use a MultiPlus Digital Remote.
3) I don't know what the switch on the front of the Compact will do if you try to use it as well as the remote inputs.
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This worked for my Multiplus Compact 12/1600. I have all the DIP switches set to OFF. This way, when the rocker switch is set to ON, the unit is only controlled through the relays. When the rocker switch is OFF, the the unit switches off and cannot be switched on by the BMS.
The resource itself is first class, however on the last page of the download, it indicates what actions are recommended, which i dont agree with. It states to 'Force to float' and 'set SOC to 100%'
However, what if the BMS has been triggered by a low temp disconnect instead of LVD/HVD? If it is say minus 5deg C and it goes to float mode, you might still be charging the cells depending on settings, or the pack might only be 50% SOC when the temp disconnect happens, so you wouldn't want it reset to 100%
Just something else to give a little bit of thought to....imho.
I use this assistant and personally opted for 'Disable charger' and 'do not adapt SOC' in my configuration....i felt this was ultimately safer.
Yup.... You gotta select settings that work for you. The good news is that the assistant gives you the options and doesn't assume a one-size-fits all.