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Rule 1: The power rating of a wind turbine has NOTHING to do with the amount of power you'll get. The amount of power you get depends on the size and efficiency of your wind turbine, and your wind. The power rating of a wind turbine is just its maximum.

Many sources will happily charge you more for a higher wattage turbine that is otherwise identical to the lower power version. This is a complete an total rip-off unless you expect to be harvesting in 90mph winds.

Rough guideline: A typical 6' diameter micro wind turbine will produce 80-100W in 10-12mph winds IF you mount it 30' in the air, and it gets clean airflow (no upwind obstacles producing turbulence).

A must-read before you consider a wind turbine.

Small Wind Guidebook

Wind Energy Information by State

Search google for:

"Small Wind Electric Systems: A state Consumer's Guide" - NREL has a PDF for your state, but it might be a little dated.
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