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    Good affordable 2000w pure sine wave inverter THAT DOESN'T BEEP?

    Weird request, couldn't find any help online. I have a battery box by my desk with a Sok lithium battery and an inverter. I'm upgrading to a pure sine wave, but the biggest issue I have with my current Kieger inverter is the obscenely obnoxious beep that occurs when you run the battery too low...
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    Are there any good equivalents to the AIMS Power 75 Amp smart charger?

    Wasn't really sure which section to put this in but I found other posts about this charger in this section. I'm not going to be using it for testing or anything like that, I run my cabin off of a 2,000w generator so I need a good smart charger for my battery. My current setup is just a Vmaxtanks...