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    Topband Navitas Prismatic at BH

    you can use 25mm(c2c) bus bar for 4s1p. it is available from aliexpress "CHLBATT Factory Store" In case of 4s3p, 55mm(c2c) bus bar can connect 3p by drill 6mm hole at center with regular drill, screw two...
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    New HQST 100 watt panels

    noticed that picture panel3.jpeg, dimension in mm matches the real one "826x670x30mm" equals 32.5x26.4x1.18in
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    New HQST 100 watt panels

    HQST website showing new dimension for this panel HSP100D-L 26.4(width) x 32.5(height) x 1.18(depth) equals to 0.554 sq-m Borrowed equation from snoobler 1000W/m^2 * .554 m^2 * 181% efficient = 100.19 w
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    Want to build system to run fridge

    it is right one, plus for easy test setup, you might need this one too, copied from DavidPoz YT video
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    Bluetti AC200p wont run 1255w Nespresso

    Are you able to let AC200P run your Nespresso Essenza Mini now? which Nespresso Essenza Mini do you have, would like to buy one as real load to test any battery build
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    New bench power supply

    Lowest price from aliexpress RD store is $18.22+$17.07 US shipping
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    Renogy Liquidation Sale at BH

    BH is selling some solar panel (low watts) and battery as one time liquidation. Might interested in few items $67 100W solar panel (compact design) and $270 200w foldable-solar-suitcase...
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    Growatt 3000 LVM possible inverter issues

    @Repro mentioned earlier that both of his two HF inverters 2200w/12v Giandel and 1500w GoPower do not have this kind problem
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    Has anybody purchased Calb cells from Luoyang Tianhuan Energy

    Spot few types of CALB cells requires laser weld stub to be connected by regular user
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    Topband Navitas Prismatic at BH

    Saw BH front page showing few remaining will be available in about two weeks. Buying option single piece only w/o cheaper by box option which is $11/pc