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    Battery bank for trolling motor 24v 8s or 2x4s ??

    Hi, I want to build a 24v battery bank for my trolling motor. I can't seem to make the right decision. I would need your advice! I have already ordered 8 lifepo4 161ah cells (on the way). As I have already made lifepo4 packs, I have at my disposal: - 2 BMS Daly 4s 80A - 1 charger 12v - 2...
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    Old new CALB cells !

    Hello, I found a person in my country who sells CALB 40Ah (lifepo4) cells, following the abandonment of his project. The cells are new but they are 3 years old and have never been recharged. Do you think there is a risk in buying these cells? thank you, Ben
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    Charging my cells

    Hi,I just got 4 Lifepo4 100ah cells. With the voltmeter I have 2.99v on the 4 cells. Only the thousandth varies on a cell. Can I directly plug in my BMS and charge without going through the balancing phase? thank you, (i'm french and i use google translate, sorry for the language).