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    1st build- Am I missing anything?

    So it's charging and the wires aren't too hot with 1500 watt heater load. That's a 50 amp breaker connected to charge controller. and 200 amp fuse. All connected to 100 ah lithium LIFEpo04 battery. I plan on adding another similar battery and make a battery bank. System is powered by 4 100...
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    mounting solar panels on roof

    I have a rolled roof and 4 small 100 watt solar panels. I was thinking I would mount the solar panels onto the roof studs using the mounting brackets that came with my solar panels and fill the drill holes with wet patch before tightening down screws. Then a similar plan with the cable entry...
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    Should I get a lifepo4 battery charger?

    Hello, As this being my 1st system, should I purchase a battery charger? I have 2 100ah lifepo4 chins batteries that state they are 50 percent charged when shipped. A battery charger seems like another purchase when the solar panels should charge the batteries. But it seems like something...
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    1st timer. solar panel placement and wire size questions

    I'm building my 1st solar panel system. I know next to nothing about electricity and am going mostly off of will's video/blueprints for a beginner 400watt system. Also I'm not to bright. I have most of my core parts which include: 1. 4 renogy 100w 18.6v solar panels 2. 2 100ah chins...