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    New here but not knew to solar.

    Been a busy winter. Currently I have a growatt 3000w combo set up. On my Honda 2000 nock off I can charge some agm batteries at 45 amps an hour. If I hook up the bigger gen I can go to 60. Solar when I get more panels can handle up to 2000 watts or 80 amps. I picked up half a dozen used AGM...
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    New here but not knew to solar.

    Solar is great here for 6 months out of the year. I am up on a hill but I need to take down some trees to make it real good. From December to early January the sun hardly breaks the hill line. It’s just now hitting my panels again. But only for a short time as the new house is shadowing the...
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    New here but not knew to solar.

    Hello everyone. I am a retired shipwright that spent most of my life in Florida. I sold everything this past summer and moved to my remote off grid homestead just north of Talkeetna Alaska. In the past I have installed a lot of solar systems on sailboats both mine and my customers. Everything...
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    Alaskan Cabin Build - Solar Design

    What part of Alaska are you in? I am north of Talkeetna.