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    Bench power supply question / issue

    Hello All, I have a WANPTEK 3010H 30V 10A power supply. I am trying to top balance 4 x 310ah lithium battery. I have them all in parallel and the voltage is 3.333v. When I set the power supply to 3.65 and current to 10a (battery disconnected) and then hook it up, the power supply reverts to...
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    How to tell if venting has occured

    Hello all, I am wondering how you tell if a prismatic catL cell has previously vented. Does the foil break, does the blue bubble break, both? Is there evidence? I assume once you have evidence of venting you should discard the cell, is that correct? Thanks David
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    2 x Daly 150 Smart BMS in Parallel - Conflicting Advice

    Thanks very much for the detailed response, I appreciate your effort. I went back to Daly again and explained the setup of two independent batteries connected in parallel and they have categorically stated warranty will be void. So it’s really a gamble on my part or just go with one 300amp BMS...
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    2 x Daly 150 Smart BMS in Parallel - Conflicting Advice

    Hello All, I have 8 x 310amp CATL inbound and plan to build 2 x 4S 310a batteries to replace my 2 AGM. I was going to buy 2 x 150amp Daly BMS and then Daly advised me that I can’t hook them up in parallel? Has anyone else been advised this? Has anyone tried it with the 150 smart Daly BMS? Daly...