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    Will be testing and providing a full report on Eve 280ah from Dongguan Lightning New Energy Technology

    Batteries arrived: Cosmetically perfect All are flat, none had any deviation from the others. qr codes intact Next, I will top balance and test capacity. Link for Hayley:
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    4 New Eve 280ah from Amy for sale.

    Just recieved 4 new eve cells from Amy, I did not ask about welded studs I missed that, pictures showed flat tops. New still in the box, can ship asap $656 ship 48 states.
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    Trying to find solar panels two types or compatible ones.

    Trying to find these or ones that are compatible but not having much luck. I need 3 to finish one array and spares. Not sure if anyone is knowledgeable on were these could be found. Talesun 395watt TD6G72M Zshine ZXM6-LDD72 390w
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    Two ABB 300 Amp 3P Breakers

    Two functioning Breakers 1: One came with the middle input not installed $140 Shipped 2: All three inputs are installed $160 Shipped This is much lower than the price I paid for them. Ground Shipping
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    Growatt 12kw Off Grid wiring and inverter settings.

    Wondering if anyone can answer a question about the wiring. I have taken a bunch of pictures and sent to signaturesolar, I really want to make sure I understand it all before attempting any load testing. I found this video where they did hookup neutral. The manual...
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    Chargery 2S-16S 300A BMS 9 total.

    7 are brand new in the box 2 were flashed with the wrong firmware and looking into correcting and will update later on status. $85 each shipped for the 7 brand new ones shipping from VA. 48 States Will add pictures shortly. Paypal accepted.
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    Help with finding high amp charger.

    I'm on the second charger that does not work, purchased a 40 amp dedicated lifepo4 charger and it does not perform to specs. I found one similiar mentioned in another thread but the reviews were less than stellar...
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    Help with 128 batteries each one is 280ah, and want to configure for 48v system.

    Batteries year round will see 65-72f. Hoping to charge between 65-75% Based on increase in cell life. I was thinking of doing 16s by 8 as the diagrams were readily available and easy to follow. I kept finding...
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    Very new to solar but started purchasing items, not sure of the final specs of the whole system.

    First order was from Signature Solar: 1. 36x ZNShine 390W 72 Cell Bifacial Mono 2. 1x Off-Grid 48V DC 12kW Inverter 120V/240V 120A/150V MPPT with Wifi Monitoring 3. 1x Growatt 12 KW Off-Grid Inverter Spare Boards Found the we were using around 50kwh per night and that has to be corrected, I'm...
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    Sizing - Planning Stages

    Hello Everyone, Me and my wife decided to leave corporate and take a new job taking care of ID individuals at home. While we enjoy the new job they do not understand power failures or turning anything off. We have installed water sensors and other devices to help but our usage is still high. We...