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  1. vk2emp

    Blew up two Daly's, so just ordered a Batrium

    I blew up a 100A Daly bms by over drawing it - we're talking a 12V circuit here, so bought a 250A unit. During operation from my CALB pack, the 100 did a fine job of what was expected of it, then I plugged in my fridge. I have a 1200VA Victron inverter that powers my experimental system before I...
  2. vk2emp

    $450AUD 100Ah Access LifePo4 On ebay Australia. Any one tried them?

    These appear to be easily dismantled, and the construction suggests they contain Aluminium encased LifePo4 cells, not a bunch of 18650's etc. They come in a nice steel case too. The BMS appears to be a run of the mill ebay job, but you could easily replace it with a Daly, DIY BMS or even a...
  3. vk2emp

    Hello from down under

    Got into solar when a mate bought a 200W folding panel with a crappy pwm controller on the back. Did my research and settled on a victron 100/20 for his setup. Wired the panels in series and his AGM's charge a lot quicker now. Since seeing Will's videos, in an ever expanding quest to learn as...