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  1. fdwlaw

    Titan by Point Zero Energy (is a Beast)

    I finally received my Titan with 3 batteries AND 25a charger the end of April 2022. Not to bad of a wait, ordered March 7, 2022. I just ordered another battery for a total of 4. This thing is an absolute BEAST, so glad I made the decision to invest in this unit. I’ve got 1,800 watts of solar...
  2. fdwlaw

    Help with off-grid system (What is all this?)

    Looking to buy this total off-grid cabin here are the picture of the solar and wind power systems. A little overwhelmed! What is all this, is it any good, pretty sure the batteries are 4 year old lead acid I assume adding distilled water is part of the maintenance of the batteries.
  3. fdwlaw

    Connecting solar panels to Bluetti AC200P and Max

    Hello I have 8 (eight) Rich Solar panels (please see attached specification) and wanting to connect to Bluetti AC200P, or AC200Max. a. The voltage and amp maximum input for the AC200P is 150V and 12A. b. The voltage and amp maximum input for the AC200MAX is 145V and 12A. 1. What is the...