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    BMS charge double check please

    Thank you in advance! Float according to the MPP LV6048 screen of 54.6 was netting 3.2 at the cells, seems too low. For a few cloudy days, the inverter shutoff at 48v about 3am. This BMS spec sheet (vendor finally sent one) show balance starting at 3.5v overvolt at 3.75 overdischarge at 2.2v...
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    Lifepo4 charge discrepancy.

    Hello. Relatively new to The forum but not necessarily new to solar, just LFP batteries. I've gone through many of Will's YouTube videos, and I found a few disparities on recommended charging profiles and wanted to set the record straight. YouTube MPP inverter video 1: C4 (bulk) 58v Fl4 (float)...
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    Reconsidering SungoldPower 12k

    As titled, I fell in love with paper-specs of the below inverter. Then I saw a post here where multiple users have seen a 155w standby draw. No idea why that's in bold, sorry! Lol My ground array will have 10 acres to play in, so size is of no concern. Would a draw like this realistically...
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    Well, it was as bad as expected

    We own a 10 and a 20 acre parcel in north Nevada. Power line runs right across the front property line. I ballpark budgetted what I thought would be a ridiculously high fee for a power pole, transformer and a 'few feet' of overhead aluminum line and a pinch of 2/0 copper. As the title...
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    NewB check-in :-)

    Hello! As in my signature, looking to retire after 21.5 yrs of active duty (not that I've been counting this last couple years! 🙂). We purchased 10acres in northern NV, with a pair of older 14x60-ish manufactured homes and rather than initially pay to connect to the grid, I'd much rather stay...