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    Whynter 12/120V Portable 45 Qt fridge/freezer for sale

    Got this for a sailboat cruise that was delayed and eventually cancelled because of Covid. It has been sitting in the boat unused. It's very clean, almost new inside and out and runs perfectly. This unit is either a fridge or a freezer with a digital temperature control. Inside is one single...
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    Possible. Buss Bar solution for DIY

    Looking through the Galco website at the various flexible buss bars they offer, I came across this: It's a multilayer, flexible, insulated, tinned copper bar. Prices vary with the Amp capacity but for $50-70 you get 2...
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    TopBand 25 AH Batteries. Now just Two Available at $11.00 each (Thank you EBay)

    I have decided to go a different way with my sailboat battery pack and I'm selling two full packs of the Navitas Topband 25 AH cells I bought earlier this year. Selling for the price I paid: $11.00 each for a minimum of a full case of 30, or for both cases. These are as they were shipped...
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    FTZ power lugs and various other terminals. (welding wire and 2/0, 5/16 lugs sold)

    I have found myself with a pile of 'stuff' that is surplus to requirements. 1. AWG 2 stranded welding cable. Been sitting around for a while attached to a stick welder but didn't work for my application and I removed it. The cover is still fine, very flexible, multi-stranded wire. Not tinned...