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    Off grid Hybrid inverter "AC in" live when unplugged

    My aliexpress hybrid inverter is working all good, no issues, very happy with it. I was grabbing the AC in plug to plug it in and charge the battery and surprisingly i got a light shock off the plug terminals. Grabbed my multimeter and it's registering 70v~ between positive and ground, or...
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    Issue with DC power supply? please help

    hey guys, using a dc power supply (small 30v10A one) to top my lf280Ah and im a bit confused. I've used this power supply on little diy projects before, always worked fine. on its own the voltage is spot on, etc. now the issue i have. I got eve 280ah cells all hooked in parallel. set the dc...
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    How much do PV voltage change

    If a solar panel has 41 VoC and 34 Vmp what sort of voltages do you get of it through the day? I ask because I'm building a system that will likely be 160VoC/136Vmp (4 of above in series) on a controller with mppt range of 120-450v Is it safe to say the panels will reliably output over 30v...
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    What happens when PV voltage is lower than MPPT Range?

    if i connect 2 40v panels in series to a hybrid inverter when the "MPPT Range" is 120~450V what happens? Do i need to hit 120v to even work, or is just an optimal zone? This is from a 24v hybrid inverter. Looking to charge a 24v battery with 2x 460w panels which in series won't reach the...
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    Did anyone ordered the "newer" EVE 280AH cells?

    Apparently, they're made out of the factory without threads/terminals, just with a weld spot and claims they weld studs on them? Did anyone order these?
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    Buying 280ah cells from UK - 😣 help

    Might be a long shot as most here are in the US. Struggling on which to buy from as the usual recommended alibaba supplier (Amy Wan) is almost $750 on shipping cost alone to UK even if you just order 1 cell + import duty on top. Would prefer from aliexpress just not sure who is trustable or...
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    SOFAR HYD - Can you diy battery?

    Instructions and all videos I see with them seem to either use a amass or pylontech batteries. My question is, can you use diy bateries with these inverters? If not, is there any hybrid grid tie inverter (legal/export limiting/etc) that allows for diy batteries?
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    My first diy solar water heater

    Started making my own solar heating panels for my inflatable hottub Looking forward to test them out in the summer : 2x 4'4' panels with 66 meters 13/16mm irrigation tubing each. Powered by 18W12v pump on a thermostat swithh and a 60w panel hooked to a small " solar generator "
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    looks like theyre doing 310AH batteries now for around same price as the 280.

    thoughts?anyone ordered these yet?
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    Wiring a 48v battery with 3.2v cells .15s or 16s

    Logic to me says 16s (51.2v) but there's also bms's for 15s, so not really sure. Planning to make a 48v280ah battery out of 3.2v 280ah cells
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    Cheapo ebay inverters and general advice for a first timer

    Are these cheapo "all in one" charge controllers any good? (more leaning into the 48v setup , also as its also mppt controller, not pwm)