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  1. melbaylon

    Choosing SPD

    I've watched videos and read articles but I'm still clueless on how to definitively choose the proper SPD for my solar setup. What I understand so far is that I need to connect/parallel the DC SPD to the PV cables going into my SCC. I'm not sure what SPD to use though. I mostly see 500Vdc and...
  2. melbaylon

    6pcs 150W vs 2pcs 450W solar panels (both in series connection)

    If all other conditions and components are the same, is there a significant difference to the output of the two configurations?
  3. melbaylon

    Solar charge controller is randomly restarting

    I'm trying to figure out why my solar charge controller is randomly restarting. I have a 5 panel series string connected to a 48V 60A solar charge controller. The string of panel's output (voltage, amperage and wattage) all fall under the SCC's specifications. I have yet to properly ground the...
  4. melbaylon

    My two new panels seem to retain rainwater

    I took these photos when the rain weakened. I noticed that first 3 panels (shown the images below with an almost mirror-like finish) I bought doesn't retain rainwater but the 2 new ones do. Any idea why this happens? They are same panels from one manufacturer from the same seller. Additional...
  5. melbaylon

    Mix 150W and 170W solar panels

    I want to add solar panel that are different from my existing ones. I hope you can give me specific insights about this. :) Here is a spreadsheet of my computations. As far as I know the total voltage of the string of PV array in series fits within what my solar charge controller can handle...