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    Battery battery voltage fluctuating after float voltage.

    I have a 40A solar charger. "Mppt solar charge controller" the float charge is set to 13.7 but when the battery is full on the charger 13.7 is displayed but the inverter is fluctuating even going up to 15v. Is a faulty charge controller?
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    Circuit breakers

    I have a 245w 24v solar panel 60amp mttp solar charge controller Battery bank of 30ah sealed lead acid will upgrade soon but that's it for now inverter 500w1000w peak. What circuit breakers would I need between each stage?
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    Voltage issue or not?

    I'm new to solar and I'm wondering if this is an issue or it is how it's supposed to be. I have a 12 setup. I discharged my battries and they are now down to 11.8v when I use a multimeter to check the voltage on the charge controller where the panel is connected I'm still seeing 11.8v so both...