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    Have I damaged my batteries?

    Help.. My system got up to 14.4 in the sun and then settled around 13.3. I then plugged in a 1200 watt load. Within minutes it showed 12.7 volts. Turned off load. So I turned on shore power and it took the charger about 20 mins to charge to 14.4-14.6. It showed bulk, then absorp then into float...
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    Renogy Rover 100% reading at 13.3%

    I am just setting up my controller. It has run a few days . It says 13.3 volts most of the time. But it says it is at 100%. It's going to be super sunny here in Seattle and I want to get this thing set up right. I have no loads what so ever just the main battery bank, inverter and fuses to...
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    Fusing problem.

    I have 2 100 amp hour batteries in parallel. I put Blue Sea 250 amp fuses on each positive post. Now I am installing a 2000 watt inverter which also calls for a 250 amp fuse. That's 3 of the same size all together. If I had an inverter problem could I possibly take out all of them at once? Any...
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    Distance from batteries to inverter charger

    My 2000 watt inverter charger manual says 5 feet from battery bank one way. I am about 8 feet away because I want to make the cut off switch easy to access. Round trip would be 16 feet compared to 10 feet. I am running 2/0 copper. Will that be a problem? Up date: I got it down to 13.5 feet with...
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    Bluetti AC200p

    I have older friends (75& healthy) that want me to help them install a 400 watt system in their van. They don't plan on a conversion to a living on board setup, just to go on 2-3 week trips all around the country every few months or so. They boon dock 2 nights then find a shower the 3rd night at...
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    AiLi 500A Battery Monitor

    If the main switch for a battery bank is turned off, does that mean the AiLi monitor has to be reset each time?