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    Anyone have Victron 48v Multiplus II split phase wiring diagram?

    About to get my second inverter to setup my split phase with my 48/3000 Victron multiplus II but cant seem to find a wiring diagram that applies, anyone have one or some guidance? Thanks.
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    JK BMS owners, have you had this error yet? Heat pump electrical feedback???

    I noticed this morning my JK BMS is throwing a "Protection current sensor anomaly". Unsure what this meant or how to remedy I contacted the seller on Aliexpress and I am being told this is a known issue and through some translation my understanding is that the BMS is picking up feedback from the...
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    Has anyone been able to connect JK BMS to their PC?

    My second JK BMS is here today along with the 485 connectors but I am unable to find any software to use for it and the seller isn't sure either. I need to be able to remotely view and control my BMS's. Is anyone using software to log/modify their JK BMS on the pc and if so what software are you...
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    24v BMS’s for sale JBD soldered terminals

    100 shipped for Daly 8s obo Sold 55 shipped for new jbd 8s 75 shipped for jbd with cables and soldered terminals obo
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    Wiring victron inverter to the grid with optional generator connection, advice?

    This is my current setup. Victron 250/100 MPPT Victron 48/3000 Inverter 4.8KW Solar 27KWh 48V Eve Cells I don't use much grid power currently, occasionally to top off batteries in the winter. The system is separate from the main grid and is ran off it own circuit panel. However I want to be...
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    Advice for using 2 24v 280ah banks in series with JBD BMS.

    I’m currently waiting on my JK bms to show up but I wired my 2 24v banks in series which have been in parallel for some time now. I’m having a problem with one bank hitting 28.4 and single cell over voltage and the other bank is still at 27. Do I need to top balance these all together? They were...
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    SOLD Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70 for sale barely used!

    I have a 24/3000/70 multiplus for sale, just upgraded to a 48v inverter no longer have a need for. I bought it brand new from altestore right at the beginning of year, can show receipt date if needed. Located in US will ship 800 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
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    Help converting my Victron 24V setup to 48v and some additional questions JBD BMS in series =48v?

    So I think its time to go from my 24v system to a 48v system, unfortunately this means my multiplus 3000 will be useless and its hardly been used. I had a post a while back with over paneling and heat issues and so forth but I think its just best if I go the 48v route (something I should have...
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    100/250 victron 140F normal? Anyone else experience this?

    Been noticing the charger getting noticeably hot, 140F with the FLIR. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or what I may need to be concerned about temp wise. Panels are 320w renogy 40 voc 5S 3P. Thanks for any help.
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    Utilizing my DIY portable 12v battery bank to add capacity to main 24v power when not in use?

    Just finished a portable 280ah power station I am going to be using occasionally as a generator/ camping power. I have a 13,440 watt hour 24v bank for my house that I am currently battling running out of power in the cold winter months. Currently working on adding more solar, but I am waiting on...
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    How much can I over panel my 250/100 Victron Controller?

    I don't want to add another controller and combiner box at the moment but would like to utilize the most of my panels in these winter months. Can I over panel my 100A Victron controller by 50%. Panels are 320W 10A. Panel Configuration would be 5S x 3P =150A (200V). Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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    Eve and Rept cells will not stay balanced when charging (24v x2)

    My setup is 8x 280ah Eve Cells and 8x 280ah Rept cells. I am using a JBD 24v Balancer and the 2 banks are connected in parallel with even lengths of wire connecting them. I am using a victron 250/100 controller and it can see up to 100 amps with my panels but averages 40-50a currently in these...
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    Help with one cell rising more than bms can keep up on a charge.

    I just got my second 24v 280ah battery together and I am using a jibaba bms and cell “6” when charges just slowly keeps rising until it hit my bms max cell voltage. Also the cell it’s calling cell 6 is really cell 3 and measures to the over voltage the bms app is saying. Is my cell bad? Possibly...
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    Converting 36v golf cart to lifepo4 need some guidance!

    Doesn’t seem like a very talked about subject based on searches. I just picked up and old 36v ez-go and the batteries are done for. Since I’ve already dove in the diy lifepo4 building for my solar setup I figured why buy inferior lead-acids? Based on my current knowledge I am thinking about...
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    Victron smartsolar 250/100 shows volts but will not charge!!

    I can’t figure out what I’m missing here, all my voltage settings are below my thresholds and it will not charge, it shows 150volts input. Any help is appreciated!
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    Solar charge voltage settings for a backup system and prevent diminished battery life?

    My victron 250/100 will be here soon and I am currently in research stage to figure out what settings I should use. My biggest concern is my long term use for this system is (as of now) just a backup for my house. Current use case will be running some of my crypto miners and or a 12k mini split...
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    Spend the money on victron or keep my Epever 150/100??

    how many guys running the epever solar controllers? I bought the 150/100 controller and started reading about a lot of people having issues down the road. The other controller I’m considering is the 250/100 Victron. This controller will be in my house and I don’t want to take any chances with...
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    Help with beginning wiring for 320w panels

    I currently have 6x 320w 24vsolar panels and I’m not sure exactly how I should run them to my 100a mppt charge controller. My controller is 100a 150v max. I only have 1 10awg pv cable for my charge controller. If I run 3S 2P I will be roughly 20a through the 10awg for roughly 15’. According to...
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    Adding different AH/Non DIY LIFEPO4 Battery to my setup 280AH 24V.

    I am currently putting together all my components for my solar backup setup. I currently have 2x 40A EPEVER Charge controllers 6x 320W 24V panels 280AH 8S (still in china) 250A Daly BMS 4000W Giandel PSW inverter However I am getting antsy about getting this system up and my batteries will...