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    How is this Possible?

    I connected a 4 cell 12 volt 100Ah Lifepo4 that has a JBD 100A bms to a 3500w inverter (fused 350A) plugged in a 3000w kettle which pulled 249 DC amps (checked with clamp meter) and fully expected the bms to shut off as it was almost 150A more than the BMS rating. But it didn't, so i tried...
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    Does It Really Pay To DIY Lifepo4 Batteries?

    Reason i ask is that while i can perceive some financial savings in building a very large lifepo4 battery bank of over 32 + cells, is it worth it to DIY build anything smaller? When you factor in all the time, knowledge needed, cables, connectors, fuses, the tools needed, Your BMS's, delivery...