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    Using a standard 3 stage RV charger for charging lithium.

    Why can't these be used or can they? Battery manufacturer specifies 14.6-14.6 charging voltage and float at 13.8. I can set my MPPT solar controller to this no problem. My RV Battery charger is only used for rebulking the batteries when I am there using the cabin or when it's too cloudy to...
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    Lithium VS Lead Acid and Series VS Parralell.

    Hello. You're not supposed to parallel lead-acid batteries due to cell imbalance issues that can crop up. Does this hold true with lithium as well? My system is 12V. I currently have 3 8D FLA batteries in parallel. I would like to keep the rest of my equipment and change over to Lithium...
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    AMP hour rating and voltage. When is a battery dead?

    If I have a flooded lead acid battery with a 240 amp hour rating or whatever, what will the terminal voltage be after pulling 240 AMP hours out of the battery? In other words when a manufacturer is calculating AMP hours to put on the sticker, they start with a fully charged battery and place a...
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    What is the ending terminal voltage of an amp hour test?

    A Manufacturer of FLA acid starts an Amp hour test to see what rating to give the battery. They start the test with a full charged battery and end the test when the terminal voltage reaches......?
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    Calculating Amps from Millivolts

    I have a shunt installed just before my batteries. I have a small standby loaf between 40 and 60 watts and I would like to figure out exactly how much it is. Using a voltmeter and the shunt, how can I calculate the standby draw? Yes I could also use the meter itself but that's too easy. I want...
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    Panel array Voltage VS battery voltage and charging efficiency.

    A Victron rep told me on a Youtube video that wiring your panels for the highest overall voltage nets you the best overall efficiency. The reason being that charging starts earlier in the day. I have a charge controller with a 150V input limit and my panels are 3 series at 44.4 volts for 135...
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    Progressive Dynamics PD9270. How low does battery voltage have to be in order to go into boost mode?

    Hello. This system isn't vehicle mounted but this charger is for RV's so I thought maybe you guys know. What battery voltage or logic does the PD9270 use to go into boost mode? As of now I am letting the system drop to 12.0 volts and then starting the generator. The system goes into "normal"...