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    What to look for in a deep cycle battery

    I am to buy buy 8 batteries for my soalr system. I have a schneider 4048, outback flexmax 80 and 12 320 solar panels. What type of battery would you recomend? And please what is 100 AH, 200 AH, what id the difference?
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    sudeen electricity loss

    Got and schneider 4048 inver, 12 320 solar panel ,8 renogy 12v 200ah and an Outback flexmax 80. Even when the inverter is off we get sudden electricity loss in our home. Batteries go from day light 54 v to 49 at dawn. Please help.A t my age my technical skills are limited.
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    Batteries ok but voltage in batteries drop

    I have got 8 gel batteries whoes voltage drop from full 51.1 volt to 47. i checked the batteries and they were at 12.7 disconnect. I keep them disconnected for a week and again checked them, they are ok. I have a schneider 4048 inverter, can anyone pleae help? . I think it a programming issue.
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    Adding a Schneider Gateway box to my solar sistema

    i've got a Schneider sw invertir and a Outback MPPT 80 AMP. Would a Schneider Gateway box help me get the most of my equipment as it is? Will swtiching to a Schneider MPPT really help? Why?