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    Hooking a Battleborn to another brand battery

    How do you monitor the second parallel battery that has internal BMS low voltage disconnect. Can you use a Victron 712? I have read the instructions, but the second battery in their example is the starter battery on a vehicle. The batteries that I am using, do not have bluetooth monitoring...
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    Adding 2 additional different brand LifeP04 100ah batteries to my NEW solar setup in my RV.

    I also had the same dilemma, I originally purchased two LifeBlue 200AH batteries, and placed them in parallel @ $2,000 each. Then I decided that I needed to add two additional 200AH Chins Batteries at 1/2 the price, in parallel, but the Chins engineers said that configuration would not work...
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    Hooking a Battleborn to another brand battery

    I mix and matched LifePo4 batteries of different brands, but I placed each particular brand on a separate on/off switch, so that I could operate each pair of off brand batteries separately. Each bank has its own battery display monitors. For instance, I operate bank #1, until it runs out of...