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    Victron Multiplus Compact flashing

    So I have a Victron Multiplus Compact 24/2000 inverter which I got second hand, I set up with my batteries, I had it inverting and it seemed fine, then because I want to use it finally, I decided to configure it, I configured the mppt (also victron) no problem with a Bluetooth dongle and my...
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    Can i use standard cable instead of pv cable

    So my system is basically finished, I am planning to put the panels on a tin roof, which is very close to the charge controller so I got 5 meters of pv cable which should do the trick, trouble is I haven't built the roof yet and I want to set the panels up now, about 20 meters away from the...
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    LiFePo4/Victron/Overkill Design

    This is what I have in mind for my system, I have attatched my design, note, I havent drawn the plans for ground, but I believe connecting all the elements to a common ground will do the trick, right? What I have so far is: -Victron BlueSolar 100/50 MPPT -Victron Multiplus Compact...
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    Looking for some Advice and Insight - LiFePo4 System

    Gooday :) I have recently ordered these: I've ordered 8 and the plan is to set them up in a 24v system (unless anyone can give me a good reason that isn't advisable)...