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  1. carbon RV pilot

    you have to "SEE" this battery

    i just finished buikding this and capacity testing and it passed 287ah. i made it mobile so we could take it camping if needed, usb power socket w timer, and a batt monitor. getting ready to mount in my RV and i think i may build another. im editing build clips for my youtube plus the...
  2. carbon RV pilot

    to crimp or not to crimp

    im building a diy battery setup for my rv, ive already ordered 4 eve 280ah cells and the overkill solar 120a bms will recommends on his sight, once i get the cells from alibaba [if alls well] i plan to order 4 more to make an 8s 12v system so needless to say ill be changing this around from 4s...
  3. carbon RV pilot

    are these 280ah cells worth this price??

    ive been searching for tests and experience with 280ah cells but havent found much so far, ive seen will respond to some comments saying he has some 280ah cells on the way for him to test. l checked group buys but everything seems so far from ordered and im ready to pull the trigger and start...
  4. carbon RV pilot

    its always sunny in philadelphia!

    hello from philly, ive had a small box truck for years i built for doing on-site motorcycle installs which had a basic solar system, 1 350w panel and 8 flooded golfcart 6v batts which worked great for many years, [was mostly charged in my driveway while plugged in by a progressive dynamics 80a...