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    sol-ark 15k grid install check

    Attached is my rough in plan for the A/C side. I am wondering on how to actually get the A/C from the transfer switch back into the house. Currently the mains go from the meter through the wall directly into the main panel. Is it allowed by the NEC for the output from the transfer switch to...
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    Growatt 5000 ES(US) has no output voltage

    Worked for ~3-4 months with using it intermittently (would only turn on when I needed to use the inverters for car charging, house backup, etc). Went to turn it on this morning and no output voltage. The relays can be heard clicking on, the screen shows its "exporting power", and there are no...
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    Does sol-arks (or other inverters) "mix" bypass power with inverter when load is > inverter output

    For example, the new 15k solark has 200A bypass, but is a ~15kw inverter. If you set PV/Battery as primary source, and your loads are <=15kw, you will use inverter power. But what happens when you hit ~20kw? Will it phase match & mix in with grid, thus 15kw from inverter, and 5kw from grid? Or...
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    Quattro 2 48V 10KVA, or Multiplus 2 48V 5kva (120Vs) coming anytime soon?

    Debating between going full blue, or just MPP 6548's for a ~25-30kw system, but it makes much more sense if the 5kva multiplus comes out for a us market. Curious if there has been any insight on if these will come
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    Solar assistant - Multiple Growatt and JBD?

    Can this be done? My SA is only letting me select 1 growatt inverter at a time, and the same for the JBD BMS If not, is there an alternative that can?
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    lv 6548 (in split-phase mode) grounding in bypass mode

    Since all this discussion about the growatt 5000es has started, I was curious if there was a definite answer on the LV 6548 grounding. This video from Dan Fitzpatrick kinda shows the issue that I assumed, switching to/from utility power seems to be a bit funky. I've read other threads where they...
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    Renogy 48V 3500 Error code 20 (inverter over temp).... Except its freezing outside

    Hi all. Lost power in the house and was going to go crash in the van with the off-grid system. Except when I fired up my inverter (the lovely renogy), its giving err 20 which the spec says is over temp.... The kicker is its 27 degrees outside. I've tried power cycling it multiple times, remove...
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    Are 24v Eg4 series-able (fets rated for 48v?)

    Can't seem to find anything in the documentation online. I assume such, but the spec sheet of sig solar doesn't seem to mention max series voltage Thanks
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    What is the correct way to wire a midpoint transformer (Solar Edge) and connect sub panel to main

    I will be setting up 2x Growatt 5k's for a backup system. I plan to basically have a setup similar to David Poz does here, then connecting this subpanel to a lockout switch protected breaker on my main panel. However both on David's video and a few others, people say the way this transformer is...
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    Using Multiple Growwatt 5kw as backup on (manual) transfer switch wiring (Floating neutrals?)

    Is there a standard wiring diagram out there? My current short term plan is to use the existing generator lockout switch to connect the inverters to, then also wire in a nema 14-50 as a plug-in charger for the inverters. Would I just wire it up per the obvious panel way: inverters go to...
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    Continuity between cell casing and negative terminals?

    Is this normal or expected? I'm guessing so? Doing a checkup on system after first real road trip...
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    Can you charge a battery bank off 120V on the Growatt 5kw 240V unit?

    I read the manual and it does state A/C input voltage can be set to "appliance" to accept "If selected, acceptable AC input voltage range will be within 90~280VAC" This makes me think it can, but nothing on any spec sheets says it can AC charge at anything other than 230V? The reason I ask is...
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    Renogy 48V/3500 Medium term review (~1 month)

    As many of us have watched Will's video of the 48/3500 from Renogy, he gave ita pretty bad rep. I nearly ordered a growatt and just returned this, but renogy customer service sucks so much i just said F it and would give it a shot. Here is scenario and review: 560ah 48V system. 4x330W panels...
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    Overkill/JK BMS cell voltage inaccuracy at warmer temps? (+-0.007mv)

    I've noticed in these absurdly warm PNW days my voltage on the JK smart bms app is not correct on the cell level. It will show cells off by up to 13mv, yet when I manually probe them they are all within 1-2mv (using a medium-high end multimeter). All will read say, 3.331, but the BMS will say...
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    Overkill/JK BMS cell voltage inaccuracy at warmer temps? (+-0.007mv)

    I've noticed in these absurdly warm PNW days my voltage on the JK smart bms app is not correct on the cell level. It will show cells off by up to 13mv, yet when I manually probe them they are all within 1-2mv (using a medium-high end multimeter). All will read say, 3.331, but the BMS will say...
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    How to fuse (4 or 6x 330W panels) -- Checking my logic

    For sake of discussion, lets say 6 (40VOC 10A) panels in 3S2P (for a VOC ~120V) Where should the inline fuses go? I assume I can wire each into series, branch connect, then fuse after the connector for ~25A? Upon more research, it looks like the panels I have a short of 10.4A, and Max series...
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    Van/RV breaker panel --> To GFCI/AFCI everything?

    Title, is it worth spending the extra 40$/breaker to afci&gfci every branch? Would you think the ~2ft run from the inverter to the panel main should also be on a GFCI? I originally planned to do everything on gfci (and afci for branches), but was curious on peoples thoughts
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    32 280Ah Eve "grade a" from Shenzhen Luyuan (Amy Wan)

    Figured its time to document my process of buying/receiving/testing these cells First off: Working with Amy is nice. She responds super quick and gives honest (and true) information I ordered 32 (8x4) "EVE 3.2V 280AH NEW GRADE A". Here is the timeline of events. Once my capacity tests finish...
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    Ideas on how to sink current from 1 cell of large setup

    Long story short, I am trying to top balance a group of cells. The issue is balancing 32 280ah cells with a pure top balance on a 10A PSU will take a few months. To speed it up I am using the method mentioned from the docs about charging in series until one cell hits 3.5-3.6V, then parallel for...
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    Quick way to obtain (or make) busbars inside usa

    Finally got my 32 cells for the 48V system, but it only came with 32 bus bars. I need another ~16 bars to interconnect the cells into series. Does anyone know of an american supplier? Nothing comes up from ebay/amazon with quick shipping... Alternatively, could wire be used? The battery will...
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    Looking for simple/reliable 48V BMS (with balancing) suggestions

    It seems most good options are OOs right now (overkill, and a most JBDs on amazon/ebay). Does anyone have any good 100-150A 48V BMS options that is NOT a relay style like the chargery? Also worth noting there will be DC loads, so shutoff signals to inverters won't work either (for low voltage...
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    How to connect multiple high amp loads to battery bank

    I have (or will soon) have a 12V battery bank that has these 3 major loads: 1.) 75A (peak continous, 100A surge) 12V Air conditioner 2.) ~50-75A of misc 12V appliances (Water pump, heater, fans, lights, DC fridge, etc) 3.) 12V 3000W Victron inverter I am trying to decide on the best way to...
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    Suggestions on 24V 150-200A BMS

    Looking for BMS recommendations that just works. Most the daly threads I see are mix of hot/cold reviews. I was thinking of parallel'ing 2 x 100A overkill. Any other suggestions for high quality 24v/200A BMS setups?
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    Suggested 280AH Grade A retailers?

    Eve through Amy/ Luyuan for ~115/cell? (plus is the welded 15mm terminals) Lishen through --? (Not sure who is recommended for these cells) Basen? Any other recommended retailers?
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    Best way to dc-dc charge high capacity battery bank in van?

    I am adding a 4p4s* or 8p4s (280ah cells) for a ~14-28kwh system in a van, intended to have enough power for multiple days of off grid AC use. The issue I am struggling with is what type of DC to DC charger to provide a bit of assistance on toping off the batteries when moving/driving long...