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    High Drain Battery

    I am build 72v battery pack for my electric motorcyclye with 5kw peak power. Any recommendations what battery type should be use for...?
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    High Drain Battery

    Hi Thames happy to see your answer. So basically there no any international standard to clasify the minimum requirement of high drain battery ?
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    (ASK) BMS Power Consumption

    Thanks for the information. Let me check with manufacturer
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    High Drain Battery

    Hi, I have 18650 battery from LG (LGM26) Some people said the battery is highdrain batttery, but others said the battery is not a highdrain battery. Please tell me, how to categorized the high drain battery....? If battery has high C then we call it high drain battery, but how much C rate...
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    (ASK) BMS Power Consumption

    Hi, Kindly need your help related with lfp bms 15/16s 100a power consumption. Anyone has checking how much the power consumption of lfp bms 15/16s 100a...? Thanks
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    320ah Cells Ordered.

    Oh man, the shipping cost to my home almost 11x from the item price
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    24v LED Strip Lights Direct to 24v LifePo4 Battery

    Yes, you can wire it directly to your 8s LFP
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    BMS for DIY motorcycle starter battery.

    Have been used it for more than 10 months ago (LFP) No any bms added, just simply active balancer 1.2a. I use it on my 125cc motorcycle to replace the old lead acid battery 12v5a. Since your the altenator voltage in standard and normal condition I believe every thing gonna be OK. Te maximum...
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    What is the best BMS to use for making a car starting battery?

    If your car altenator show 15v, I believe your car standard accu is the best choice all the way.
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    Hello, I have 24v LFP bank that haven't use for 6 month. I want charge them with adjustable power supply. So what should I do...? Just sett the voltage of power supply to 27,2v and wait until the meter show 0a...? Sorry for my basic question and thank you for your repply
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    2P4s configuration

    Pls do top balance first, this steep are truly important
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    NOAH'S ARK: Index of LiFePO4 cell manufacturers

    This is cell inside narada 48v 80Ah I dont know it is originally made by who Usually narada use for telco back up power
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    LiFePO4 Voltage Chart?

    Absolutelly agree with you. Those table are good for baseline then I can do more research by my self