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    Do I fuse solar charge controller into a lynx distributer

    I understand the importance of fusing wires but I am a little confused with my current setup. Overview: I am setting up a new lithium battery system in my RV. I have 2, 100AH batteries that feed into a Lynx distributer. I understand that fuses should go as close to the power source as...
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    Battery solenoid with lithium upgrade

    I am in the process of upgrading to two lithium batteries. I have purchased everything I need and am in my RV right now tracing wires. I need to move the battery location from under my stairs (my rig is a 2008, 31 ft Class C, Itasca spirit) to a storage compartment. While tracing the wires...
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    Do I need a larger battery monitor

    MY SETUP: I am upgrading from 2 lead acid batteries to 2, 100ah LiPO4 drop in batteries, each of the new batteries have a Max continuous discharge current of 100A. I plan to add a 2000w inverter to the system that will only run off a dedicated plug. Currently I have a cheap 100A battery...