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  1. polygon

    Growatt spf 3000 es, utility generator and grounding

    Hello I saw a read a lot of post about grounding and using a generator but i am now lost and not really sure what i should do. I have a growatt spf 3000 es with a solar panels and a generator no battery at this time. if i use the solar panel only it work. if i use the generator only it work...
  2. polygon

    voc / vmp

    Hello i am tring to find out what would be the best option for my growatt charger MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage 60VDC ~ 115VDC Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 145VDC i want to use 540W panel JAM72S30 540 AT STC voc 49.45v vmp 41.64v AT NOCT voc 46.43v vmp 38.99v My question is can...
  3. polygon

    12v lifepo4 4s to 48v

    Hello, I own 12 x 12v lifepo4 batteries that i want to use in a 4s and 3p from what i understand the 12v batteries have built in bms can i just wire like on the image bellow the battery bank or do in need anything else? thank you for your help!