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  1. wmgeorge

    Self sustainable shipping container

    You folks already did so, but anything used in International shipping especially from China, fumigate for pests, small crawlies and big ones too. I got a laser imported directly from China and crawlies inside and I got them all I hope with the bug killer spray. I can imagine the ones in the...
  2. wmgeorge

    Combiner Ground

    So when I get around to grounding my solar panels it will be to an 8 foot driven ground rod Not to my household main ground! I have changed my thoughts on this, If lightning strikes the panels it will go to the ground rod. Lightning protection systems use ground rods and high points to...
  3. wmgeorge

    System low voltage disconnect device

    My Renogy 2000 watt and I think also the 3000 watt one also have programable battery voltage cut off settings. Note this is the low frequency model not the cheaper ones.
  4. wmgeorge

    Portable Power Station Project LV2424

    So where are the solar panels? You need to do a Real world energy audit to see how many Watts you intend to power and your battery capacity.
  5. wmgeorge

    problem programing renogy 40A for my system

    What is the Nameplate watts of your fan? I agree with the others, your drawing too much power from your system. Basics.... what is the load and for how long? Your charge controller is it set up for LiFePO4 batteries or just plain Lithium.
  6. wmgeorge

    Question about Growatt AC IN

    Interesting but OHSA is a workplace safety agency, zero to do with Building Codes. or founded in 1970. The NEC has been around since 1896 and it recognized as The Electrical Code and adopted by law in All 50 states, OHSA is not a...
  7. wmgeorge

    Question about Growatt AC IN

    I just stated a fact. Back up? Any recent NEC Code book and its in both of these, a 2014 and 2020.
  8. wmgeorge

    Zamp Charge Controller says battery full but the battery is dead? Help!

    Do you have the Zamp charge controller set for the correct battery? They have great customer service did you contact them? No bathroom, the Casita we took to Alaska had one and more.
  9. wmgeorge

    Battery + Inverter in a tiny popup RV vs mounting them in a milk crate

    Your getting homemade out of context for some reason. Yes I like my Renogy batteries no problem. When you introduce homemade or shop made into an electrical system for your house your taking a chance your Insurance company for no good reason other than they can, refuse to pay for your now...
  10. wmgeorge

    Mini Split on Solar

    I have silver and Sil Phos brazed lines for medical gas lines. Generally flowed very low pressure dry nitrogen to prevent scaling inside the lines from the high temperature.
  11. wmgeorge

    Question about Growatt AC IN

    The point is , the UL listing is not required just Listed and AHJ approval. Don't judge everyone by your local situation.
  12. wmgeorge

    Question about Growatt AC IN

    If you look carefully at any late NEC it does not say UL, it says Listed and approved by the AHJ. If your install is Listed by some recognized testing lab and that is Approved by your local Authority Having Jurisdiction your covered.
  13. wmgeorge

    Battery + Inverter in a tiny popup RV vs mounting them in a milk crate

    I have 3 Renogy batteries. What is the issue, they each have there own BMS and a warranty? In case of a fire in or around your home made solar electric system.... the Insurance company is going to look at your self built battery system and say sorry.
  14. wmgeorge

    Mini Split on Solar

    Having worked commercial HVAC/R for over 30 years, I can tell you right now R410a has no business being in line sets with flare connections. The original mini splits had R22 and that was fine, but the much higher pressure R410a needs silver or Sil phos brazed connections. When I installed mine...
  15. wmgeorge

    32V charging from 3 100W 12V solar panels.

    The old, old farm Delco power plants were 32 volts. I wonder if changing it over to 36 volts would be an issue?
  16. wmgeorge

    Signature Solar wins... I lose.

    Have you priced the cost to replace damaged panels!?
  17. wmgeorge

    Signature Solar wins... I lose.

    When I crated for shipping it was 2x4 or 2x2 Frame nailed to furring strips and the cheapest 1/4 inch plywood. Things strapped inside of course. Fork truck drivers did their best Not to put a hole in it!
  18. wmgeorge

    Signature Solar wins... I lose.

    Within the past 2 months. Place a order from Amazon for one Renogy panel and when it comes see how its packaged, I have never had an issue. Hire someone who knows how to package and ship, with all the complaints your getting about shipping it will pay in the long run. BTW I shipped metal...
  19. wmgeorge

    Signature Solar wins... I lose.

    Then the Shipper Does not know how to pack and ship! See my post above, Zero damage on 4 Shipment's total. Correction it was Seven Shipments!
  20. wmgeorge

    Signature Solar wins... I lose.

    Amazing, I have ordered panels from Renogy both orders came very well packaged, via Fed Ex and zero damage so it can be done. Two of the panels were packaged as singles..... zero damage.
  21. wmgeorge

    Noob question: 12V 100aH batts in series?

    The cost difference between a 12 volt semi conductor and a 24 volt one is pennies.... that is not the reason they were designed that way!! They are designed to be a 12 volt battery BMS only.
  22. wmgeorge

    Grounding panel frames on a RV

    If it was ground or roof mounted but these are on a RV on rubber tires. The reason you can not get a reading with your meter on the aluminum has nothing to do with a ground, the aluminum in the video has a protective coating your meter leads points did not penetrate.
  23. wmgeorge

    No smoke yet, but Renogy wanderer 10amp I am not impressed defective new and in multiple ways!

    Its a cheap PWM controller but still needs to work right, sounds like a Warranty claim.
  24. wmgeorge

    Epever 4210 and boiled battery

    Been working fine for 6 years, find it hard to believe your settings are wrong after all that time. Something changed or failed. Do you have one battery that has got a bad cell or two causing the charge controller or charger to keep charging? Six years is a long time for lead acid. A cheap...
  25. wmgeorge

    Parameters for a renogy 60 amp CC

    It has presets for most common battery types.
  26. wmgeorge

    Noob question: 12V 100aH batts in series?

    Like you were told, its the BMS (battery management system) that will not take the in series as higher voltage.
  27. wmgeorge

    5 cu. ft. fridge too much for two 12V/390W batteries?

    PS When someone says check the connections, that means all the connections and they all need to be tight.
  28. wmgeorge

    New NEC code makes it impossible for DIY systems to be compliant

    Does it really say UL approved? Most of the Code says Listed, they got in trouble years back by saying UL approval needed, now it has to be Listed and then or approved by the AHJ.
  29. wmgeorge

    Rant: EG4 48v 100ah battery has faulty BMS. Signature solar customer service is TERRIBLE

    They should have replaced the battery without any issues, after all they get their money back from China.
  30. wmgeorge

    Is Renogy Going Out Of Business?

    I have no issues with the Renogy app on the iPhone, if I do its not any different from the rest of the apps I use on the same iPhone 11 with all the upgrades. I am in the ending stages of setting up a off grid back up system with 600 watts of panels. Everything I have received from them has...
  31. wmgeorge

    New NEC code makes it impossible for DIY systems to be compliant

    One of my first posts here was a Rant about the 2020 Nec and PV systems and how screwed up it was. They are influenced by Manf & Venders for sure Way over their head and confusing as hell to boot.
  32. wmgeorge

    Recommend me a battery y'all? Parts recommendation?

    So people go up in the Winter time when its cold even if the cabin is winterized? Its on the Washington/Idaho/Canada border it's regularly well below freezing for 4 months at a time. I've seen single digits F a time or 3.
  33. wmgeorge

    Renogy Rover 40 amp mppt overcharging

    You have two not to, correct? Replace the defective Rover or get a new one under warranty
  34. wmgeorge

    Recommend me a battery y'all? Parts recommendation?

    When you close your camp down for the winter, disconnect your LiFePOs place on a two wheel cart and transport them home in the back of your pickup.