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  1. mattleonard

    two bluetti ac200 max in parallel

    It depends on what you mean by this. Can you "combine" them to a single massive circuit or single appliance? No. Can you use two units simultaneously to power 2 different circuits with different loads on each? Sure. I do this all the time with my two units AC200 max units. Can you use one AC...
  2. mattleonard

    Panels w/ low output and not summing?

    I have two Rich Solar 200w "24v" panels. I have tried each individually in perfect sun, with various orientations, on numerous days. I've used several different charge controllers (2 different Bluetti ac200max's, an Epever MPPT, and a Victron MPPT), and different cables to the controllers. At...
  3. mattleonard

    *New* Inergy "Flex" Solar Generator

    I actually went ahead and canceled my Flex pre-orders (2x full units + an extra battery) - the continual delays and excuses were just too much, and I lost confidence that the company can stand behind the product. And, now EcoFlow, Bluetti and others are out with modular systems and features...
  4. mattleonard

    AC200 Max & B230 Expansion Battery

    I'm heavily debating the AC200 Max and the Eco Flow Delta Max. Anyone have opinions between them? Specs are relatively similar, price-per-watt is about the same, though the EcoFlow is considerably lighter (NMC vs LiFeP04 - but 800 cycles on NMC at my expected usage is still many, many years) I...
  5. mattleonard

    New portable/modular systems - Inergy Flex, Bluetti, EcoFlow , Titan - what to choose?

    Well, I decided to cancel my Inergy Flex pre-orders. I had two full Flex/battery combo's and a spare battery on order - it's been a year of excuses and delays, and I think there are now better products en route. They didn't even blink when I called to cancel - I'm guessing a lot of folks are...
  6. mattleonard

    New portable/modular systems - Inergy Flex, Bluetti, EcoFlow , Titan - what to choose?

    Seems like there's a slew of portable/modular units about to come out (Inergy Flex, Ecoflow DeltaPro & Max, Bluetti AC300/200 pro, Titan 2.0 etc)- with expandable batteries becoming the norm. I'm curious people's opinions on the latest beyond the obvious stated specs - but practical usage, build...
  7. mattleonard

    *New* Inergy "Flex" Solar Generator

    Just called them again - after previously being told in May that I could expect my first order to ship in June. Now... they say I might hope for July. While they extended their warranty as an "apology" for all these delays - it's hard to believe they will honor the warranty (or even still be a...
  8. mattleonard

    *New* Inergy "Flex" Solar Generator

    Inergy's last public communication was that the Flex would be shipping in May (2021). I just spoke with customer service to see the status of my orders (I have multiple units I've been waiting over a year on). Sounds like they have just started shipping about 100/day right now - and based on...
  9. mattleonard

    Would you buy an "open box" Kodiak?

    The short-answer I've been told (and I think this is what Inergy says) is that the Kodiak's battery is Lithium NMC - and I guess the BMS/charge profile would have balancing issues with a battery of another chemistry/capacity. Though not sure why lead-acid isn't an issue, but say, a Lifep04 is...
  10. mattleonard

    Portable Mounting options

    For smaller portability - I have (2) 100w panels built into a suitcase-style with hinges. I found a tilting satellite dish pole mount (found on Ebay) bolted unistrut to it, and then have some u-nuts on the panels that line up with the unistrut holes. Some star-knob bolts allow for a quick...
  11. mattleonard

    Victron SmartShunt question

    Correct - the reason for having same length cables is to not introduce different levels of resistance (from cables) that makes one set of batteries have a slightly different dis/charge behavior than the other - which can lead to some batteries working harder than others, and having premature...
  12. mattleonard

    Victron SmartShunt question

    I'm doing the same thing with a modular/portable setup. I have (2) physical battery banks in milk crates (2x 12v Lion UT-1300's in series to make 24v) - each with an SB175 2/0 cable going to my "control" box (Growatt 3000 inverter, breakers, outlets etc). The control box has a pair of SB175's...
  13. mattleonard

    choosing a 24v >=5000w inverter

    @frostyllama - I'm looking at a similar plan as you - though for a portable off-grid system. I eventually want ~5-6kw of power - but often only need less than half that, so planning to go with (2) Multiplus 24v/3000kVa units that can allow me for modularity, and redundancy - combined when I need...
  14. mattleonard

    Advice on dual 3kw (6kw total) system for small concerts?

    Thanks for the feedback. I don't forsee a need for split-phase - though I can see the benefit of running a single large 30a/240v cable to a power distribution center (like the spider-box/temp power ones) closer to the load, rather than multiple 15/20a 120v cables the whole way. This would also...
  15. mattleonard

    Advice on dual 3kw (6kw total) system for small concerts?

    I'm looking to build out a cargo trailer that can provide power primarily for mobile sound/PA systems at festivals and rallies- and looking for any advice on the general concept, design, or equipment options. I'd like to be able to supply around ~6kw at 120v AC. But I'd also like to have...
  16. mattleonard

    Looking for a surface mount for 175amp Anderson Connector

    I have one of those Australia SB175 ones shipped to the US - it was a while back, while international shipping was pricey they sent it. I also have 2 of the SB50 panel mounts I'm not using and would resell in the US if you wanted them. Ditto what someone above said - I'm just through-bolting...
  17. mattleonard

    Best kind of quick-connectors for medium / high amperage loads?

    I use Anderson SB175's for battery->inverter connections. Despite the name - they are UL rated to 280a. I have been using Anderson Power Pole 45's on my panels - but I find they aren't rugged or secure enough for my portable use - but since I switch between parallel/series depending on my...
  18. mattleonard

    Would you buy an "open box" Kodiak?

    I've had a Kodiak for a couple years now. It's used about 3-4x /month - and it's been rock-solid for me. I have a bigger DIY rig, but the form-factor on the Kodiak is great - light, small, solidly built, and the shoulder strap is a nice touch. I often take it camping, tailgating, and for...
  19. mattleonard

    Inverter Cable Gauge Question

    Look on Ebay - I've ordered some pre-made ones for much, much cheaper. Depends on the length (copper ain't cheap) - but I paid closer to $25 with free shipping for some 1' and 2' cables.
  20. mattleonard

    Inverter Cable Gauge Question

    SB175's are commonly found/made with 1/0 cable. They do make a 2/0 option as well, just harder to find pre-made so you'll likely have to crimp yourself (which is easy) I have a similar modular setup to what you describe - with multiple 24v battery banks using SB175's for portability and...
  21. mattleonard

    Hello from Alameda CA

    Hello from West Oakland!
  22. mattleonard

    Parallel Wiring with Anderson Connectors

    This schematic above is exactly how I have my portable/modular rig setup. I have several of the Lion ut-1300 batteries wired/boxed in pairs at 24v series, each pair with a bolt-on fuse and then an Anderson SB175 1/0 cable. Each battery box is a reasonable weight for transport. On the inverter...
  23. mattleonard

    Lion Energy UT1300 at Costco again

    I have 4 of these batteries, and they have been rock-solid for me. I don't really get the terminal concern - m8 (5/16th) are also likely the stud size elsewhere in your system (inverter, fuses, terminal blocks, shunts, switch etc), and I've not had an issue with anything coming loose.
  24. mattleonard

    Wiring 4 Battle Born 12 volt batteries into 2 banks of 24 volts each

    I have this same setup, modular -with 2 battery banks in separate boxes. Each bank is a pair of 12v batteries wired in series, with a bolt-on Bussman fuse on the positive terminal (of each pair, not each individual battery). I currently use a 1/0 SB175 Anderson plug to connect each battery bank...
  25. mattleonard

    What's the Next Gen of Inverters look like? (i.e. - should I wait?)

    I'm curious as to what people think about the next generation of inverters - not 5 or 10 years down the road, but say... in the next year or two - specifically in the U.S. market. It seems clear that the interest/market segment/tech for this is rapidly taking off, as evidenced by the soaring...
  26. mattleonard

    Parallel Wiring with Anderson Connectors

    Yeah -for instance the SB175 nomenclature is rating for 1/0 wire per CSA (Canadian), or 3 pole 1/0 UL. I'm sure the vast majority of users, especially in this forum - are just using the 2-pole.
  27. mattleonard

    Parallel Wiring with Anderson Connectors

    I also use SB175 connectors for a modular setup - with (4) 12v 105ah LifeP04 batteries, wires in series for a 24v setup. The best option is to connect batteries to a busbar using equal length-cables, and then the SB175 from there to your load. Since I sometimes use just a pair of batteries, I'm...
  28. mattleonard

    Higher Quality All in One's... like MPP solar but better!

    A number of recent posts have raised the Victron Easy Solar (several varieties/sizes available) and Smart Solar (looks similar to the MPP/Growatt, only in 48v). However, neither are available in the North America market yet. The Easy Solar seems to be closer to their Multiplus + MPPT - still a...
  29. mattleonard

    Dinse or Cam-Lock connectors for battery/inverter?

    Given they are single-conductor, I was thinking the way to ensure polarity would be to have one cable male on both ends, and the other conductor female on both ends. Sure, someone could attempt to connect incorrectly but they wouldn't be able to fully mate, but might still make contract. And of...
  30. mattleonard

    Dinse or Cam-Lock connectors for battery/inverter?

    I've been using Anderson SB175 1/0 AWG cables for a quick dis/connect between my battery bank and inverter. (currently 4x 12v 100ah - wired in pairs to be 24v). It's a portable/modular rig with components in separate cases, so my goal is for easy transport and quick setup in the field. I'd...
  31. mattleonard

    New victron all in one

    I really prefer the ease of an all-in-one, but just ordered a Multiplus 3000/24 - because I wanted the reliability and warranty of a Victron. But if this were available in North America... I'm wondering if I should cancel my order and hold out for this. I'm primarily running off-grid mobile...
  32. mattleonard

    Victron Multiplus - A/C output wiring questions

    I've had a cheap 3,000w 24v inverter with duplex plugs built-in for a portable (hand-truck style) rig. I'm upgrading to a Victron Multiplus 3000/24 - but have some questions about AC output wiring - specifically on how to keep everything compact/portable, while also minimizing voltage loss...
  33. mattleonard

    Hello From SF Bay Area

    Welcome - I'm over in Oakland myself. If you are thinking about solar for renters, there are a few options. Ideally, you can get a property owner to see the benefits, and do a fixed install on the roof. I own a home in Oakland but have several roommates - and we basically realized that buying...
  34. mattleonard

    Is this normal condition for a 'new' multiplus 24/3000/70-16 inverter?

    Don't they likely do some sort of Quality Control / Batch Testing? Maybe you just got the one out of the batch they tested?
  35. mattleonard

    100-120W - Folding Solar Panels for Portable Power Stations - Which

    All the OEM folding panels I've seen are expensive. Though handy. I have a home-made suitcase of (2) 100w HQST mono panels, $10 in screws/hinges from Home Depot makes them into a nice folding kit - that while a little heavy, does make setup quick. I have a top-of-pole mount (that can go on a...